25+ Big Sister Books to Welcome a New Baby to the Family!

Books are quite possibly my favorite resource for teaching kids about the world around them and welcoming a new baby to the family is no different! We have found a bunch of big sister books that cover everything from pregnancy to what it’s going to be like to have a tiny baby in the house to what becoming a big sister will actually look like.

a pin image that reads +25 big sibling books to prepare for a new baby in a blue circle overlaying a white crig that has picture books scattered all over the mattress
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My Baby Registry the Second Time Around

Our baby registry is all about upgrading some basics and repurchasing much loved items. As well as some Winter baby must haves

Our baby registry is fairly simple and straight forward. I tend to lean more minimal for baby supplies. But there are a few things that we need to pick up this time around and our baby registry is either upgrades from some equipment we currently have, different styles of things we want to try out, repeat buys on a few well-loved items and just a few new things.

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Vintage Elephant Gender Reveal Backyard BaByQ

We had a simple gender reveal party, with some vintage decor touches, plenty of elephants rolling around, and fun out in the backyard with friends and family!

Vintage Elephant Gender Reveal Backyard BaByQ. That’s such a mouthful when you say it all together. But that’s what it was. We had some vintage decor touches. Plenty of elephants scattered around. We hung around in the backyard while we were grilling burgers for dinner on the BBQ. Then the whole point of why we got together to spill the beans about what sex baby Bean is!

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