Vintage Elephant Gender Reveal Backyard BaByQ

We had a simple gender reveal party, with some vintage decor touches, plenty of elephants rolling around, and fun out in the backyard with friends and family!

Vintage Elephant Gender Reveal Backyard BaByQ. That’s such a mouthful when you say it all together. But that’s what it was. We had some vintage decor touches. Plenty of elephants scattered around. We hung around in the backyard while we were grilling burgers for dinner on the BBQ. Then the whole point of why we got together to spill the beans about what sex baby Bean is!

We are so excited to be adding another sweet baby to our family and we couldn't wait to show everyone if Bean was  boy or girl!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will have already seen that we had a gender reveal party for sweet baby Bean.

Party Planning is my favorite!

our Vintage backyard BaByQ gender reveal party was a simple and wonderful way to celebrate baby Bean and to spend some time with family and friends

I LOVE to plan parties. Something about my detail-oriented/creative brain just thrives under the pressure! So when we did the math and realized that the traditional time to have a baby shower for Bean would have fallen basically on Christmas…well that just wouldn’t work. Naturally, the next best baby party is to have a gender reveal! 

Backyard BaByQ gender reveal details

Our backyard all set up and decorated for the Vintage backyard BaByQ gender reveal party

We wanted to keep it simple and nothing is quite as simple as a backyard BBQ! It’s also the largest space at our house. 😉

The food prep and beverage station in the backyard ready
an overview of the food table in front of the vintage quilt in our backyard

I suppose catering would have been simpler, but we are a family full of people that actually enjoy cooking so that was not even a factor for us really…lol

Zak and his dad busy tending the grill at the party
A dispenser of lemonade and some blue and pink paper straws in front of a letter board and the BBQ

When you have a clothesline in the backyard that you don’t want people to well…clothesline themselves on, what do you do?! You hand lots of tiny adorable baby clothes on them! Most of these pieces we already had, but I did pick up a few new pieces that I thought were just too cute to pass up! Tiny chunky knit cardigan anyone?!?

a line of baby clothes hung up for decor as well as my gender reveal themed clothes pins. Bows for girls and mustaches for boys
a close up of my current favorite baby piece, a grey chunk knit cardigan
an overview of the laundry line where I hung up lots of cute tiny baby clothes

Fun for everyone

I wanted to provide something fun for any of the littles that might come by and well my own little that would be there. We have our DIY sensory table in the porch all the time and I just added some extra sand and some blue and Pink treasure to dig for. Simple, but what kid doesn’t like a sandbox and some treasure!?

A two sided sensory bin in our sensory table for our gender reveal party. Filled with simple sand, scoops and buckets and lots of pink and blue treasures!

I have a very important question for you all. Have you ever played cornhole? Do you know what it is? Or have you just heard about it? I first heard of it in South Dakota, but it is like a staple in Alabama… Needless to say, it is now a staple for all our outdoor parties!

corn hole has become a staple at our get togethers

Vintage gender reveal details

 a vintage tablecloth and baby shower decorations including baby elephants and lots of pink and blue decor for our gender reveal party

I fell in love with a vintage wooden cradle that we found at a flea market and I knew I wanted to use that as a decor piece in some way. A present location was the perfect job for it and it still added to the ambiance of the party!

a vintage baby cradle to hold any gifts for baby Bean. Mostly it was diapers, which is just what we needed!

We also had a vintage tablecloth and baby quilt from Bean’s great great grandma. Right after she passed away we were able to gather a few things and I thought this was a nice way to remember her as well as have some more décor for the vintage theme

a vintage baby quite hung up with a table in front for food and the guest book for our gender reveal party

Gender Reveal Decoration Details

A table full of decorations and gender reveal baby shower games

I made a pink and blue banner to hang along the fence and added a mylar “baby” balloon to really drive home the theme for anyone who might not have gotten the memo. 😉

a gold cursive mylar balloon hung along with a pink and blue paper banner on our back fence

I love to have a couple of ultrasound pictures up on display and this clip frame that already had was perfect! We also have a bit of a weakness for sweets so the blue and pink taffy was a natural decor/desert to have out!

Some of our ultrasound pictures on dysplay with a couple vases full of pink and blue taffy

I love a good diaper cake. It’s decoration, baby-themed, and it’s practical! I made this with a box of newborn diapers, some rubber bands, pins and some fun ribbons!

a diaper cake with grey and gold ribbons decorating it

I had used an elephant in the invites for the party and that’s really the whole reason for the elephant theme. After that, it just sort of fell into place. We already had some clothes with elephants on them. I made our cupcake toppers with the same little elephant illustrations as the invites and I found an elephant book that I liked. I don’t like to be too literal with a theme, because then you have to have EVERYTHING that theme. So just a few little touches and I am a happy camper!

cupcakes with pink and blue frosting and baby elephant card cupcake toppers

Oh, and what kind of millennial would I be if I didn’t have a themed letterboard on display somewhere 😉

a letter board with a BaByQ quote on it

Baby Shower games

Printables of Old wives tale gender predictions and some instructions for the name suggestion

Some baby shower “games” we like are the due date guess as well as the Wives tale predictions.

The old wives’ tales predictions can help some to pick a side if they didn’t already have one. Plus its fun just to see how different they can all predict!

I used some picture frames from our living room to put some printables in for decor

The due date calendar is fun to look back and see who got the closest, it also serves as a guest book of sorts!

a print out of the month surrounding our due date for people to take a guess on when Bean will arrive

This time we also did a name guess jar. I just thought it would be fun to see what kinds of names every one came up with!

We had a large jar and blue and pink paper for people to put name suggestions on

The Big Reveal

I liked the idea of the piñata style surprise box, as it was something that Bitty could be involved with and it was a little more exciting than a cake. (also we did the cake thing for Bitty)

a close up of the decorations I added to our gender reveal box

So I wrapped and decorated a box and filled it in secret with streamers, confetti, and balloons. When the time came, we could pull the strings to open the box and all the fun filler would rain down on us and tada everyone would know the secret!

a overview of our backyard showing the clothesline with baby clothes, cornhole, pikler tirangle and the gender reveal box hanging in our tree


Poised and ready to pull the strings on the gender reveal box
pink streams, balloons and confetti falling out of our gender reveal box
Our sweet family (even photobombed by our dog) after we opened our gender reveal box for baby number 2

We were so excited to tell everyone we are having another girl. I swear everyone was on team boy this time around. So this was a big surprise for a lot of people.

Zak was team boy from the get-go and I never really picked a team. I never had that gut feeling and I was constantly changing my mind. Now that I think about it Bitty was team girl from early on…but that might just be because she is a girl. lol

A sweet kiss between Zak and I, excited to have another baby girl!

To be honest Bitty wasn’t sure what to think of the reveal. She seemed a bit freaked out by all the stuff falling on her.

Bitty not quite sure about all the balloons and confetti falling on her

It didn’t take long for her to warm up to it after the fact though!

Bitty playing in the streamers after we opened the gender reveal surprise box
the pink streamers blowing in the wind in the evening light from our gender reveal surprise box

Vintage Elephant Gender Reveal Backyard BaByQ

A simple gender reveal party we held in our backyard with vintage touches, elephants scattered around and simple baby shower games!

Our Gender Reveal was a simple party but I really had a blast pulling it all together. We had an awesome time celebrating with friends and family and I hope you stick around to meet our sweet Bean in just a few short months!

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