5 Real Life Mom Self-Care Rules

Self-care is trendy, it’s a buzz word right now and while I feel that some people are just jumping on a bandwagon…that doesn’t make it any less important. Especially for the stay at home mom crowd. I want to give you 5 mom self-care rules that are super easy to add to your day and you will feel so much better for it!

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All moms are rock stars; with major multitasking skills for sure. The modern mom has more on her plate than most of us care to admit. To put it simply life is just a bit more complicated these days and we are having to evolve with it! These simple mom self-care rules will make sure that not only are your kids’ taken care of but so are you.

Mom Self-Care Rules

  1. Give Time Outs
  2. Don’t Forget Snack Time
  3. Take Plenty of Bathroom Breaks
  4. Bedtime is Non Negotiable
  5. Free Play Time is Very Important

Now you may be saying that this list looks more like what we do for our kids, but read on. I feel like you’ll change your mind by the end!

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Give YOURSELF a Time Out

Meditate if that’s your style, maybe take the worlds shortest cat nap or heck just drink your coffee while it’s still warm without a toddler treating you like a jungle gym thus making you spill aforementioned coffee (speaking from experience here…)

People have been sending their kids to time out in some kind of capacity for decades for a reason. I don’t see why time outs can’t apply to moms just as well as kids. I’m not saying that you should send your kids to time out every time you need a break. More suggestion you yourself take the time out and they can deal without you. Sometimes all you need is just a little alone time and nobody bugging you to reset your mood.

How to actually manage this

This rule is easiest done with another adult at home (my favorite time is while everyone is finishing up dinner, I leave dad to handle clean up and I lock myself in my room 😉 ) This mom self-care rule can be managed on your own with just a couple seconds of prep.

Babies are the easiest as you can just plop them down in your favorite baby proofed space. Older kids are also easy to do this with as they have mastered the ability to entertain themselves, at least for short periods of time. Toddlers are the trickiest; because well, have you met a toddler? My recommendation is to have a space in the house that is toddler proofed. Could be their bedroom or playroom or if all else fails strap them into their highchair.  After some kind of containment, provide a simple activity. Play dough and stickers are big hits for us. If you’re scared of the mess, maybe just set out a toy or puzzle they haven’t seen in a bit. It should buy you enough time to be able to have your time out in peace!

Treat YOURSELF to Snack Time

I feel like there is SO much pressure around what we eat and how much and when we eat. Life is just too short to eat bland oatmeal, salads and brown rice every day.

Try adding in one treat to your day and don’t save it for after the kids go to bed. Anticipation will only get you so far. A mid-day pick me up when life is more challenging is what I am talking about.

I’m not saying you should use this mom self-care rule as an excuse for overindulgence. But I am saying that a little something that makes you happy goes a long way towards your overall mood and well being.

There is a reason your favorite foods are your favorite. They make you happy!

Take Potty Breaks for YOURSELF

This mom self-care rule is something you are bound to do anyway. I mean everyone has to use the bathroom at some point; but with a little intention, your bathroom break can be less of a mad dash and more of spa moment.

my bathroom break system

My system has evolved as Bitty has gotten older. When she was a tiny thing I just left her in her crib or activity saucer. She was safe for the 3 mins I was gone and I had the privacy most people enjoy. Then she began to protest being left alone…my next answer was to plop her in the empty tub. I was no longer alone…but I was able to take my time because there just isn’t much trouble she can get into while in the tub.

With a toddler, it’s a 50-50 chance now. Do I feel like she is both safe to leave unattended/engrossed enough in what she is doing that I don’t have to worry?  Or is a go to the bathroom and just hold the door open for her because she is right at my heels and will demand to be let in anyway…

If you can swing solitary bathroom time do it and do it often. If the whole alone thing isn’t happening yet, I guess embrace it and look at it as early potty training. Those tiny things are always learning right?! lol Eventually you’ll get your bathroom time back!

Give YOURSELF a Bedtime

I have been using this mom self-care rule for years. Long before I became a mom. I have always known that if I don’t get enough sleep I am a bear and a half, so sleep is one of my priorities.

I would wager that most of your kids have a bedtime that they have to stick to, you picked that time so that they can get enough sleep to face the next day. Why wouldn’t you do yourself the same service?!

Have a set time that you try to bed settled in bed by. If you like to read or watch TV in bed adjust your time accordingly, but then have a set time that is lights out! This little thing forces you to think about yourself. Maybe all the laundry won’t get done, but in my opinion, taking 15 minutes to unwind and relax in bed is totally worth it.

For as long as I can remember my bedtime has been 10:30 obviously there are times when I go to bed earlier but I rarely stay up past it and I am the better for it.

Sleep is up there with drinking your water and going outside as a huge self-care tip everywhere and I am 100% on board. You are not yourself when you’re tired. Your brain isn’t functioning as well and honestly, life is just more enjoyable when you’re not cranky.

Free Play Time for YOURSELF

This is for you and you alone. Whatever fills your cup. We spend a lot of time making sure our kids have time to pursue their passions and do whatever interests them. What happened to that kind of time for ourselves?

For me about once a week I take a nice hot bath and do some fun reading. No self-help, no parenting, none of those things that you feel like you need to make time to read. This is my just because ‘I like it’ time. Some weeks its a cheesy romance. Other times it Harry Potter stuff. There are even times when I will pull out my old favorite book and re-read it for the who knows how manyth time.

This reading in the bath thing is mom self-care rule that I have often used in my life. But now I try to be real intentional with it and set aside the time for it. (I even have it noted in my planner most weeks Lol)

be intentional about self care

I have also heard of people doing self-care days where they leave dad or other caregivers in charge of the kids. They take a mini vacation and just have ‘me time’ all day! I hope to get to that point, but let’s be honest. Life is busy and that isn’t always achievable for me right now!

I don’t think it’s about how much time you set aside, so much as making sure that you have at least a little bit of time that is just for you. Also you make a real effort to stick with it!

What Mom Self-Care Rules Do You Follow?

Do you make a point to do these 5 simple things? What other self-care do you find easy to work into your day? I would love to have a big bank of ideas to draw from. You can always share with me on Instagram @mamamegan_allysa or on my Facebook page too!

My mom self-care rules are really simple and really just part of my every day, but to be honest, isn’t that the way they should be? Self-care shouldn’t be just an occasional treat but something you work on all the time right?!

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2 Replies to “5 Real Life Mom Self-Care Rules”

  1. A lot of these rules are good without children too! Great advice for taking care of yourself in any situation. I like the mirroring between how we care for others (kids) and how we should care for ourselves!

    1. Thanks, it was kinda crazy how obvious these are and how we still don’t always make time to do them!

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