ABC’s and Chick Peas Sensory Bin

Chick Peas have been on my must-try list for a few months now and let me tell you they do not disappoint. Our ABC’s and Chick Peas sensory bin is simple and yet I am really happy with the way it turned out.

title card for ABC's and Chick peas sensory bin with a collage for 6 images showing details from the sensory bin
an overview of the ABC's and Chick peas sensory bin, puzzle pieces, the purple bowls and spoon, Chicka Chikca Boom Boom book and the puzzle tray

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Keeping it Simple – at least this week

This week I didn’t want to make the theme the focus, I wanted things a little simpler and a little bit more about the sensory filler. (seeing as that is usually all she plays with anyway~! )

I debated just adding the bowls and scoops, but it felt a little boring, then I remembered we have this ABC puzzle I picked up months ago that I hadn’t gotten out yet…So I added the letter pieces into the chick peas and thought. Hey, it’s like alphabet soup. Cool! Simple but still interesting.

ABC’s and Chickpeas Sensory Bin – a perfect fit!

Then at our weekly Library trip, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Chick peas and letters…Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! It was like it was meant to be, I couldn’t not!

title card for ABC's and Chick peas sensory bin showing a toddler dropping some chick peas and the Chicka chikca boom boom book in the tray

So we have our first book themed sensory bin and if anyone asks it was totally my plan all along. 😉

a toddler scooping in the ABC's and Chick Peas sensory bin

Early Literacy Learning

Bitty is too young for the alphabet. I know that for sure. The main reason I picked up this puzzle is it has realistic pictures. Right now everything in her literary learning is all about vocab. Putting a word to something that she sees is her favorite right now and these puzzle pieces just offer a nice range of images!

a close up of a purple bowl filled with chick peas and a metal scoop and the letter H puzzle piece that shows a horse

Her favorite letter is for sure the H as it has a horse on it and she is completely obsessed with horses right now. Anyone have any recommendations on where to find tiny cowgirl boots and maybe a hat?

Also, we are teaching her the ASL alphabet as well so this is a great time to add in the American sign language letter or even the word (if we know it…) when she holds up a letter. She isn’t signing any letters yet but when we sing the ABCs she waggles her fingers around and it’s adorable. I really need to get a video of it. <3

a close up of the puzzle letters in the tray of chick peas with Chicka Chikca Boom Boom book propped up behind the tray

Open access to the ABC’S & Chick Peas Sensory Bin

I have been testing the waters with more open access to her bin this week. Previously she has had to ask for it and I would almost always pull it out for her. This week I have been pulling it out and leaving it on her activity table for extended periods of time.

out open access the ABC's and Chick Peas sensory bin on a toddler play table with a book propped open behind the tray

It hasn’t been a disaster. She has honestly been better with the ABC’s and Chickpeas sensory bin than the black beans or the split peas. I do have to say that it seems some of the novelty has worn off so I don’t think we’ll leave it out full time either,

Please Share your Chick Peas Sensory Bin!

title card for ABC's and Chick Peas sensory bin showing a round tray filled with chick peas and wooden alphabet puzzle pieces, and purple bowls

I am loving these and at least so far they have been really good about being a cleaner sensory filler. So please if you set up your own ABC’s and Chick Peas Sensory bin or any other Chick Peas play tag me @mamameganallysa or share it on my Facebook Page so I can find more great ideas!

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