More than 30 Super Easy Toddler Activities to do While you Shelter at Home

People all over the world are finding themselves at home with their kids and whether you were already a stay at home mom or find yourself trying to work from home now; we all have the same problem. These toddlers need things to do! I rounded up my favorite super easy toddler activities that use things you already have in your home!

Easy low prep toddler activities are the way to go when you have lots going on at home, but they need to do something!
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A Realistic 2-year-old Routine

Our 2-year-old routine hasn’t changed too much from Bitty’s 18-month routine but there have been a couple of changes so I thought I would make an update! I am a firm believer in toddler routines. They thrive on predictability and honestly, it keeps me motivated as well. So in case you are looking to update your toddler routine now that your little is getting older then read on!

Our 2- year-old routine is simple and strait forward. We don't schedule too much in the day to leave lots of time for free play!
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Must-have Toys for 1 to 2-year-old Toddlers

Everyone and their grandma will have a say in the toys that you MUST HAVE to keep your toddler happy. I wanted to provide my personal list of 1-year-old must-have toys as a guide to the toys that have been played with day in and day out and she kept coming back for more. Obviously we have more than these toys but these were definitely her favorites. I feel like they would easily be winners in any toddlers toy box!

Our most loved and most played with 1-year-old must-have toys, use a lot of gross motor and practical life skills!
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