Lower Elementary Gift Guide to Encourage More Play – Holiday 2023

Lower Elementary kids or 6-9 year olds can feel tricky to shop for, likely they have amassed quite the collection of toys already and you may find they aren’t getting their toys out as much as they age… So what do you get the kid who has so much already and isn’t playing as much as they used to?! My Lower Elementary gift guide is the perfect place to start!

a pin image that reads the ultimate gift guide for kids ages 6-9 +150 with an image of a present wrapped in green  with a red Christmas tree and twine string bow on a wood table with evergreen branches and red berries as craft paper wrapped presents around the edges of the image
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My Huge Ever-Growing Loose Parts List and Obession

I love loose parts. and I love lists. It was only a matter of time before I combined everything into a loose parts list! I’ve been collecting for years and now have a lot of the basics stashed away for play and learning. That being said I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a new treasure to add to my loose parts lists. In case you are like me, I have compiled a loose parts list for all the best finds…and the list will continue to grow as I find more!

a top down shot of a multi compartment shadow box filled with a different loose parts filling each section with text overlay that reads the  ultimate list of loose parts
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