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Life has definitely shifted after adding Bug to the family. That 2 to 3 transition is no joke…and honestly, I feel like we are still working on that. Our homeschool daily routine on the other hand I feel like we’ve got it figured out!

a pin image that reads stay at home family daily routine with 4 images in a grid the the back ground. Top left is a top down of a little girl working at a mat with the Montessori bead stair. Top right is two little girls climbing on a rope structure at a playground. Bottom left is two girls on bicycles in the driveway hjeading to ward the road. the botom right image is of a mom in a pink shirt looking down at the 1 year old baby snuggled on her chest

Quick Facts before we delve into the homeschool daily routine

Hi, If you’re new here I am Megan, a stay-at-home mom to three wonderfully wild little girls. Bitty is our oldest as of spring 2024 she is 6.5 years old. Bean is our middle child and just turned four. Bug is the newest addition and just turned one year old. I homeschool the oldest two, so we are together all day every day, and let me tell you our homeschool daily routine is the only thing that keeps me on top of life.

Our homeschool daily routine is akin to a block schedule, in the sense that time rarely has too much importance. A few things stick to a time (the baby’s nap) but most parts of our day just follow an order of events. For the sake of walking you through our homeschool daily routine, I will break our day down into hour chunks.

a pin image that reads real life homeschool daily routine 6 year old, 4 year old and 1 year old toddler with an image of three girls standing with their backs to us. the toddler is on the left wearing a pink tulle shirt and floral leggings the 6 year old is in the middle with long blonde hair in a pony tail a black t shirt and a purple knee length skirt. a 4 year old is on the right with long blonde hair tied into a braid she is wearing a orange dress with a unicorn patterns and pink leggings pushed up to her knees. All three children are barefoot

Naturally, every day is a little different, between swim lessons, playdates, classes, and appointments each day is unique, BUT they still tend to follow my basic homeschool daily routine.

7:00-8:00 : Wake

The older girls have an OK-to-wake clock that lets them know when they can come out of their room. Bug is still in the room with us so, and her wake times are a little more random, but generally, everyone is awake after 7.

The older girls have some TV time, as this allows me to have a cup of coffee and actually wake up before we get the day going. Bug tends to start in with them and then toddles out to me in the family room playroom at some point.

About midway through this block Bug and usually Bean will come in search of fruit. Think of it like an appetizer before breakfast.

8:00 – 9:00 : Breakfast time

Most days I make breakfast for the girls, but Bitty has reached the point where she is capable of making some breakfasts on her own, and if she does that she usually fixes enough for everyone.

I often use breakfast time as a chance to get myself rolling. Hair, skincare, deodorant. Just the quick basics taken care of while they eat.

Usually, by 8:30 at least a couple of the girls are ready to get rolling as well. We pick out clothes, do hair, and brush teeth. Both the older girls are capable of dressing themselves but Bean still needs a little help with outfit selection and they both have long enough hair that they need help styling it.

9:00 – 10:00 : Out and About

This is our free window in our homeschool daily routine. It can be anything we need it to be. On this day, we hit up the library to pick out new books and play for a bit. We aren’t always out the door by 9 but I usually aim for 9:30 at the latest so we aren’t in the car too close to morning naptime.

a trio of images the left shows a young toddler playing with a a peg board in front of a window
the middle shows a 6 year old flipping through a bin of books
the right most shows a 4 year old on a green merry go round at a playground

10:00 – 11:30 : Snack and Nap

If we went out, we are usually still out and about during this time slot. Snack (if we remember to have it) is usually around 10 and Bug’s morning nap is usually in the sling wrap around 10:30. It used to be 10 but as she has gotten older it has pushed back and is much more of a catnap now. (In full transparency we are in the process of cutting that nap altogether. She is doing wonderful with the morning portion, but it does seem to be affecting her nighttime sleep…though she has never done GREAT with nighttime sleep…so take that at face value.

11:30 – 12:30 : Lunch and chores

I TRY and feed the kids as close to 11:30 as possible, this allows for a slower more casual lunchtime for them, not feeling rushed to get to schooltime afterward. I also try and use lunchtime to get caught up on dishes and unpack any bags from the morning.

If Bug did not take a morning nap I put her down at 12 or 12:30

12:30 – 1:00 : Free Choice School Time

Think of it as a warm-up period. a few minutes to get their bodies settled into school mode and it gives me a few minutes to gather any supplies we might need for the day. We have some work shelves in the school room, and everything on them is open for free choice during this time. They can also work on a self-selected project if they have something in mind. Usually, this time is spent on art and fine motor work

a trio of images
the left shows a preschooler working on a perler bead heart with a basket of perler beads next to her
the middles shows a kindergartener working with the Montessori bead stair beads on a mat
the right shows a preschooler sitting on a pillow working with a layered puzzle

1:00 – 1:30 : Group Unit Lesson

We do a group lesson that is related to whatever our unit or culture lesson is for the month. This is usually a quick book or discussion followed by some kind of worksheet or art project. This month we were studying time and seasons. Fridays are our catch upday day for the unit and we didn’t have anything we needed to do, so Bitty and Bean just had extra free choice time. Bug is just toddling around generally causing chaos and getting into everything. That has been her MO for months and I am looking forward to her being down for a longer nap in the afternoon to limit her time in the school room and save me some sanity!

1:30 – 2:00 : Bug Nap/Preschool Lessons/Kindergarten Work Plan

This is a busy slot in the homeschool daily routine. I leave the big girls with free choice/ work plan work while I put Bug down for a nap, thankfully she is usually exhausted at this point and only takes a few minutes to get down.

When I come back, Bean gets some one one-on-one time to work on her lesson for the day. She rotates between math skills and phonics skills. On this day she was working with the sandpaper numbers and sand tray working on number symbol formation

Bitty has a work plan with some independent options that she can work on while I am busy with her sisters. It varies from day to day, but as long as she can find the supplies for the work she can handle these on her own, though I do have to remind her to stay on task regularly.

a trio of images
the left shows a 6 year old working with an upper an dlower case set of jigsaw puzzles
the middle shows a 4 year old working with a blue sand tray and and sandpaper number symbols
the right shows a mom in a pink shirt rocking a 1 year old

2:30 – 3:30 : Preschool Quiet time

Midway through our afternoon I set Bean up for quiet time. This is a standard part of our homeschooldaily routine and something that she looks forward to. I have a post all about HOW we do quiet time as well as some of our favorite items to get out during quiet time.

Bitty carries on with homeschool, though by this point of the day, she transitions to more one-on-one lessons versus independent work.

At some point in this window, Bug gets up from nap and hangs out with us while we finish up school for the day.

3:30 – 4:30 : Outside and Snacktime and Tidy Up

Everyone is up and outside; as long as the weather is cooperating. They all have a small snack and we get a bit more outside time in!

On this particular day, the kids wanted to go for a bike ride, so Dad took the big girls out for a bit and Bug and I stayed home.

I also spend this time block cleaning up from school. We ALWAYS end up spreading out and working in multiple rooms, so by the end of the work cycle there are things everywhere, and with dinner on the horizon, we need the table and kitchen counters cleared.

a trio of images
the left shows a  6 year old and 4 year old on bikes in the driveway, their shadows are fully visable next to them as well as a shadow from dad in the forground
the middle images shows three little girls with their backs to us stand in a row. A 1 year old on the left, a 6 year old in the middle and a 4 year old on the right
the right image shows a 1 year old in a green bucket sink with a big grin on her face

4:30 – 5:50 : Free Time

Often this is TV time, but as the seasons shift I know that it will end up as more outside time for us and I couldn’t be happier!

5:30 – 6:30 : Dinner and Closing Shift

We eat dinner as a family most nights and afterward we all pitch in to do closing duties. Clean up from dinner and deal with the dishwasher. Clear the table of anything that got left out. Pick up the family room playroom and outdoor play spaces, as well as the bathroom and guestroom TV room. Tidy up any laundry lying around. Typically one grown-up handles the kitchen while the other manages the kids and living spaces.

6:30 – 7:30 : TV and Family Time

On an average night, this is when we all go down to the basement family room and watch TV or in Dad’s case, play video games.

This particular evening it was the first really nice night of the spring and we decided we wanted a campfire so the grown-ups sat by the fire while the girls played in the dirt from the garden beds and the mud kitchen.

a trio of images
the left shows legs in grey leggins streached out in front of her witha campfire pit to the left and a garden bead with children playing in thebackground
the middle image shows a toddler looking up at the camera with dirt on her face.
the right shows three kids playing  with their mud kitchen in the backyard

7:30 – 8:00 : Bedtime

Divide and conquer is the name of the game when it comes to the bedtime portion of the homeschool daily routine. Dad takes the big girls and gets their hair and teeth brushed, jammies on, and reads with them. Currently, they are working their way through the Hobbit. I will pop in and say good night at some point.

Meanwhile, I am dealing with Bug. I get her diaper changed and jammies on, we attempt to brush her teeth (she’s not a fan currently), then I nurse and rock her to sleep.

8:00 – 9:30 : Personal Free Time

If everything goes according to plan, everyone is lights off just after 8 and the evening is ours for the taking. Dad usually games for a while longer, and I do computer work or watch TV or homeschool prep or some other random mom life thing. We go to bed not long after the kids if I’m honest. Dad wakes up very early and Bug is not a great sleeper. Between the two of us, we never seem to get enough sleep, so in this season of life, we go to bed quite early.

a pin image that reads a day in the life sahm routine how I homeschool a preschooler, kindergartener, and a toddler in tow too it shows a grid of 9 images that show various parts of our homeschool daily routine.

So there you have it a Day in the life of a homeschool mama, a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a 1-year-old.

How does our day look different? What do we have in common?

If you want to see more snippets of our homeschool daily routine and our crazy colorful life check out my Instagram where I tend to share quite a bit of our daily routine.

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