A Halloween Toy Rotation adds Spooky Fun to your Playroom!

Our Halloween Toy rotation is filled with lots of orange, plenty of halloween themed loose parts and more pumpkins than a 3 year old can count! 

Our Toy rotations are going strong in our new shared playroom and nothing is more fun for us all than a themed rotation! We went with a fun orange filled Halloween toy rotation theme for October. Here is what was on the shelves for 8-month-old Bean and 3-year-old Bitty!

I love a good theme. I find reasons to do themes all the time and holidays are just kind of a no brainer! A Halloween toy rotation is super fun because you have lots of things you can use as inspiration!  You can draw on all things spooky, play with plenty of pumpkins, or just a simple color pallet of orange white, and black! 

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