Super Simple DIY Semicircles and Planks for Extra Rainbow Fun

If you need to know one thing about me it’s this, I LOVE a good DIY project. Especially one that really isn’t too complicated and you can knock out in a day. My DIY semicircles and planks were just that kind of project. Simple and straightforward! Check out how I made them below. As well as some ideas for ways to use them!

Creating your own DIY semicircles and planks is super simple and could be knocked out in just a couple of afternoons!
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DIY Sensory Bin Table Walkthrough

Our DIY sensory bin table began long ago, at least the idea of it did. Shortly after I started sensory bins with Bitty I got the grand idea to make a sensory table for the back porch. The idea was always for it to be outside. She would have her smaller indoor tray and then the large table outside. It also served as a way to avoid having both a sandbox and a water table for her to play in as the sensory table could do both!

title card for DIY sensory bin table build walkthrough with toddler playing at table in a green backyard with evening sun light
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DIY Loose Parts Toys

The first time I heard the term loose parts was last fall; and trust me, you and your kids have played with loose parts. You just maybe haven’t used that term.

Tips tricks and advice on how to make your own DIY rainbow Waldorf inspired wood loose parts toys

Loose parts play is just providing random loose parts for kids to do whatever they want with. They might make them play food or make patterns out of them. They might see how high they can stack them or sort them by color. The idea is that it is entirely up to your kid and their imagination!

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