How to Make your Own Swoon-Worthy Wooden Loose Parts

I like a challenge. I love a good DIY. If you can make it a rainbow, I’m all in. My Custom Wooden Loose Parts were all of these things and more!

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Let me tell you a story. It’s a rather long story, so grab a drink and get cozy. 

I got the idea more than a year ago now, to paint my own set of custom wooden loose parts.

If you’ve been around the wooden toy internet much, then there’s a very good chance that you have seen the Grapat mandala pieces. They’re beautiful, beautiful pieces. They can be a little tricky to get your hands on. They often sell out fast, because they’re a smaller manufacturer with lots of hand-painted goodies. They’re quality open-ended toys that I really do suggest you look into investing in especially if you’re not the DIY type or you find sourcing the materials a little too frustrating! 

I personally didn’t want to wait to have the full set and like I already established I like a challenge and the idea of finding a way to create a set of custom wooden loose parts was right up my alley.

I have a post already all about my rainbow set of coins, balls, rings, and peg people. These are all great open-ended toys that we love but I wanted to try my hand at some mandala pieces.

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Sourcing unique wooden parts is a little harder than you think it would be…

Once I decided to take on a set of custom wooden loose parts, the first step was trying to source the individual raw wood parts. Here’s where we hit a bit of a snag. 

If you’re attempting to make a dupe of the Grapat set you’ll find that some of the styles of mandala pieces are nearly impossible to track down. At least that was the case for me. I searched the internet high and low for wooden bits and bobs and was coming up short.

an image of raw wooden loose parts spilling out of mason jars laying on a green patterned carpet with a few select pieces more in focus in the front

This post contains some affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I may receive a small commission from if you follow and decide to purchase. There would be no additional cost to you!

Here’s what I did manage to find that will get you as close as possible or at least has a very similar vibe

I have linked mostly Amazon and Esty above for your added convenience, but if you’re looking for better control over the quantity and dimensions you are going to want to go with a wholesaler. You may also some other unique pieces that you fall in love with! I like Casey’s Wood the best, but I have also shopped with Woodpeckers Crafts and

Since my original search, things have improved in wooden loose parts search and they have proven a little easier to find and in fact, if you search Etsy you can find unfinished sets of wooden loose parts that are nearly, if not identical, the Grapat line

There is also a company called TickiT that has an entirely original set of wooden loose parts…and I am still actively trying to convince myself that I do not need their set…

I will link them here if you are interested in making your own set of custom wood loose parts without all the stress of sourcing the parts! They also have a great jumbo rainbow set (already painted) that would be great for a home with babies. Just had to share!

A pin image that reads DIY Loose Parts custom Grapat inspired wooden toys with an images of raw wooden loose parts spilling out of mason jars laying on a green patterned carpet and white rope basket filled to the brim of rainbow wooden loose parts all jumbled togeather

If you get stuck, it never hurts to ask friend for help

After scouring the internet for many hours I was really getting stuck as to how to source the pieces for my custom wooden loose parts. I was not finding exactly what I wanted and I just wasn’t ready to pull the trigger on anything I was finding.

With a little bit of direction from a Facebook DIY group, I  landed on AliExpress. I normally don’t like supporting websites like this…but it had exactly what I wanted. A raw wood set of mandala pieces that happened to be identical to Grapats. 

Now I wasn’t per se looking to identically dupe the Grapats, but I was looking to try and source the cones and the drops specifically and I was having a very hard time finding those two shapes.

In the end, I decided that a half set was more than enough for us as I had the intention of still finding a way to make a set of custom wooden loose parts.

raw wooden loose parts spilling out of canvas bag laying on a green patterned carpet

Enter in phase two of custom wooden loose parts – getting crafty

With my many hours of searching for unique wooden bits and bobs, I landed on Etsy where I found a bulk wooden bead seller. This is the seller I found but you could honestly just search wooden beads and you would find plenty of options!

I think you can see where I’m going from here…

I scoured their listings for unique shapes that I also felt would still be large enough and would mix with the other wooden loose parts and feel at home.

Okay but, How Many Bits and Bobs do you Need?!

A standard half set of mandala pieces includes 18 pieces for each color/style.  But considering this is a custom wooden loose parts set, you can have as many or as few as you’d like. However many you decide you will want to make, be sure it is a number divisible by 3. This will matter in the painting step.

You can have as big or small a set of wooden loose parts as you like. I would say I wouldn’t want to go any smaller than 9 for any individual color. This way we have 3 of each of the three tones you’ll be painting.

a pin image that read how to make wooden loose parts with an image of mason jars filled with raw wooden loose parts and a divided tray filled with colorful wooden loose parts all sorted by their color

Now it’s finally time to purchase your wooden loose parts…

Now we wait. Both of my orders were coming from China and if you’ve ever ordered anything from China you know that you cannot even begin to predict the shipping time. It could surprise you and be there in a week, it could take 3 months, it could take more. you will literally never know and you just have to wait. I was incredibly lucky and my Aliexpress order came in a couple of weeks and my Etsy order came, I think, within a month.

raw wooden loose parts in mason jars with more laying on a green patterned carpet

Go Bigger than you think…

When I ordered my beads I did not have the set of wooden loose parts yet and in the end, I was unable to use quite a few of the beads I purchased because there were too small in comparison.

raw wooden loose parts sitting next to comparable painted loose parts

A good size to aim for a custom set of wooden loose parts would be no smaller than 1 inch and no larger than 2 inches.

a line of raw wooden loose parts and painted loose parts

Okay on to the actual tutorial I guess : How to make a set of custom wooden loose parts!

a pin image that reads how to make a set of custom wood loose parts with an image of raw wooden loose parts spilling out of a canvas bag laying on a green patterned carpet and a rainbow of loose parts lined up in ROGBIV order on a black table

Once you have all of your little wooden loose parts on hand you’ll have three simple steps 

  1. Fill holes 
  2. Paint 
  3. Seal

Now depending on what wood parts you are able to source you may be able to skip step one. There were a couple of things that I could find online that did not have holes so it is possible if you want to make your life a little easier!

Step One – Fill and Sand your Custom Wooden Loose Parts

I used a simple wood filler. Oddly enough the nozzle of my wood filler fit perfectly into the holes for some of my beads and I was able to just sort of squeeze it into the hole and then smooth out the ends with my finger. Some of my other beads, the holes were too small and I just had to use my finger to sort of shove it all in there.

a close up of a hand holding a raw wooden bead with the holes filled with wood putty in front of a wood board

After all of your beads have been filled you will need to sand to smooth, because no matter how hard you try you cannot do wood filler cleanly, yeah at least not as cleanly as you would want for something like this.

Use a fine-grit sandpaper and just go to town sanding away until you have reached a smooth finish where the hole was.

a pile of raw wooden beads with the holes filled with putty and sanded smooth

Depending on the size of the hole you may want to do a second layer of wood fill if you’re after a truly flat finish. I noticed on some of mine that had the larger holes, the putty sort of settles in as it dries and leaves you with a slight dip. I chose not to reapply as the slight dip actually gave the bead a better flat point to stand on

Okay, so your bead parts have been wood-filled and sanded now you’re ready for the fun part! 

a comparison of a raw wooden bead, a bead filled with putty and a painted bead on a black table

Step Two – Selecting a Color Pallet for your Custom Wooden Loose Parts

I am kind of obsessed with color. I knew without a shadow of the doubt that my custom wooden loose part set needed to be a rainbow and it couldn’t just be a simple basic rainbow. I had to include some of the colors that get forgotten. Teal, Mauve, and Coral. These are all beautiful colors and honestly, some of my favorites and they’re almost never included in traditional rainbows.

One thing that I do really like about the Gapat mandala sets is that each color comes in three tones. You have a light, a medium, and a dark. This is a great way to help kids become more tonally aware to understand the concepts of light and dark and it also just opens up more variety in your builds with your wooden loose parts!

So at this point, we have established two things: I love color and I love the tritone selection for each color. 

a top down shot of a divided tray with 9 sections filled with a rainbow of wooden loose parts sorted by their colors

Here’s where you have to make a decision: do you want to invest in a lot of paint or pick a basic rainbow and then pick up some white to achieve the tones? 

It’s kind of up to you and what your preferences are. I chose to pick up a lot of paint. I knew that in my life, I would find a use for all of this paint and I knew that I had many many projects that needed paint. It was not going to go to waste. So I bought a light, a medium, and a dark in each color that I intended to include in my custom wooden loose parts set. This choice also allows for a little variance in the colors to make them stand out from each other a little more. 

Here’s the paint I used for my custom wooden loose parts

a top-down shot of a bunch of acrylic paint bottles covering almost every color of the rainbow with text showing the name of the paint.
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Coral
  • Orange
  • Yellow orange
  • Yellow
  • Yellow green
  • Green
  • Teal
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Mauve
  • Pink
  • White/Grey

Now, this might seem like a lot, but as we have already established I’m obsessed with color, and honestly, I have more colors I want to add… 

It’s Never Enough for Me…

At this point I would love to add a good indigo, a warmer brown, I’d like to add another pink set and I’d honestly like to redo the red and purple set. As well as some pastels!

a close up of a rainbow of wooden loose parts all jumbled togeather

After hours and hours of painting, you will be left with a finished set of custom wooden loose parts and you will feel so accomplished! At least I did.

a collage with three images. Each shows a close-up of the painted wooden loose parts, displaying the three tones of paint for each color. Pink flowers, Red chips, and Coral drops
a collage with three images. Each shows a close-up of the painted wooden loose parts, displaying the three tones of paint for each color. Orange cones, Yellow Orange dots, and Yellow bee hives
a collage with three images. Each shows a close-up of the painted wooden loose parts, displaying the three tones of paint for each color. Green cones, Soft green leaves, and Teal gems
a collage with three images. Each shows a close-up of the painted wooden loose parts, displaying the three tones of paint for each color. Blue Drops, Purple eggs, and Mauve petals
a long line of wooden loose parts all painted and arranged in ROYGBIV order on a black table

If your fingers aren’t covered in paint then you’re not doing it right!

Painting a wooden loose part set can be a little tedious. They’re small and there are lots of pieces and I can guarantee you you will not finish without copious amounts of paint on your hands. I suggest a good drying rack to set the pieces on so they cant roll…because quite a few of them will want to roll and take your time, do one trio of tones at a time and just chip away at it!

a top-down shot of the painting process for the Brown mushroom wooden loose parts

Step Three – Don’t skip it, It’s important this time! 

Normally I am not one to seal my wood projects. I don’t particularly like the sheen that it gives. I prefer the matte finish of the paint. But this is one project that I do highly recommend you go ahead and put a sealant over your pieces. 

Not even taking small children and slobber into account, these pieces are going to be tossed around and constantly bumped into each other. There’s almost no way that you will be able to store these where they won’t bump into each other and thus won’t transfer little bits of paint here or there. Now if that doesn’t bother you, more power to you, but if you’re the type that doesn’t particularly like to see big scratches of red and blue on your yellow honeycombs I suggest you seal.

a top down shot of my custom wooden loose parts arranged in a wicker basket in rainbow order

You have the option to brush on sealant the same way that you brushed on the paint. I chose to be more efficient and used in aerosol sealant

Even with the convenience of the spray sealant, You’re still going to want to make sure that you make an effort to cover all of the sides and edges. So set yourself up with a spray paint box and go with light coats as you will end up rotating and or turning your pieces more than once to get all the sides covered.

a pin image that reads DIY loose parts showing an image of my wooden loose parts displayed in a large glass jar in rainbow order

In the end, you’ll be left with a truly beautiful set of custom wooden loose parts!

a wooden tray filled with a pattern of wooden loose parts in rainbow order

All of your hard work will be rewarded though because I can truly say that I absolutely adore our set of custom wooden loose parts and we have found so many great ways to play with them! If you want to see how we use them in our daily life check out my Instagram!

I am going to compile a post about all the different ways you can use loose parts soon, but if you have any great ideas please share them with me down in the comments!

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12 Replies to “How to Make your Own Swoon-Worthy Wooden Loose Parts”

  1. So pretty! I bought an unfinished set on etsy to try out but how many of each color did you end up with?

    1. Awe Yay! So each shade has 6, but the color group has 18. So 6 light, 6 true or medium, and 6 dark in each color!

    1. I don’t, it was on aliexpress so that listing is long gone, but search for wooden mandala pieces – there are listings on etsy now as well!

    1. Thank you so much! I want more pieces in deeper red tones. I have found too many pink tones and not enough red tones in our set right now.

  2. hi- your post is confusing me just a bit. did you buy individual pieces from AliExpress & Etsy or a full unfinished set from AliExpress?

    1. I bought a set of unfinished pieces off of AliExpress – my number of pieces is what is considered a half set. I ALSO purchased individual unique shapes off of Etsy. At the time that I purchased finding the mandala pieces on Etsy was near impossible. That is not the case any longer and you should be able to find everything you need on Etsy. Hope that helps

  3. Can you share the exact colors for the coral, soft greens, and mauves for those of us not creative who prefer to copy.

    1. I’m so sorry I painted them so long ago that I don’t recall the exact shades and I don’t have the bottles in my collection anymore!!!

  4. OK Love this idea, but wondering if there’s a faster way to paint them. How many coats did you paint on the pieces? Would putting them in a ziplock with paint and shaking the bag work?

    1. I think it would depend on how thick your paint is…but watered down a little I think it would work. Worth a try at least! Some of my pieces have a single coat. Other have multiple. It just kinda depends on the formula of the paint.

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