Rainbow Rice Cupcakes – Back to Basics Sensory Bin

We were in need of a fresh sensory bin filler but I didn’t want to have to run to the store for anything. So that left us with some kinetic sand, some birdseed, and some old white rice. All recently used or just not very inspiring. Then it hit me. Take that uninspired white rice and go for a classic sensory bin filler that we just hadn’t gotten around to. Rainbow Rice!

A ridiculously simple sensory bin set up! Using things you already have in your kitchen to create beautiful Rainbow Rice cupcakes!

Keeping it Simple with our Rainbow Rice Cupcake Sensory Bin

Rainbow rice is super simple to make and you can customize it to fit most any range of colors. We went for a neon rainbow and its so bright and colorful!

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Rainbow Rice Cupcakes Sensory Bin Supplies

The tools in our rainbow rice sensory bin include a scoop and funnel for filling. Some mini pans and silicone cupcake liners for serving and some candles for posting

Rainbow Rice Filler

You don’t have to dig very far into the sensory bin world to hear about rainbow rice. It is SO simple to make and you can customize what colors you want to suit your needs! The white rice takes the color super easily and it’s super cheap to make.

A rainbow of silicone cupcake liners will hold up better than traditional paper liners, not to mention they are so bright and colorful!

Just some plain white rice, some food coloring, and some white vinegar is all you need to make Rainbow Rice. Add these ingredients to a container of some kind give it a real good shake and then spread it out to dry for a few hours. And TADA, you have some vibrant rainbow rice that will last essentially forever.

Rainbow rice is so beautiful that its hard for  kids to keep their hands out of it!

Quick tip. If you use gel coloring your color will be more intense right away, but make sure you really get it shook up or you may be left with some gel clumps!

Rainbow Rice Cupcake Sensory Bin Tools

I knew from the second that I had the idea to make the rainbow rice that I wanted to add in some of our rainbow silicone cupcake liners. This child LOVES baking. And in almost any sensory bin I have presented her with she ends up making “cake” at some point. So I decided that I wanted to just embrace that and make a cupcake sensory bin!

Rainbow Rice is a classic sensory bin filler and is so easy to customize to your themes!

Our tools are super simple this time, just the cupcake liners, a scoop, and some little pans for variety. Although she did end up adding a knife and a stir stick…because that what she adds to everything.

What cupcake is complete without some candles?! This also adds some fun invitations to count as well! I would love to add some number candles to our supplies as well, if you know of some that are smaller than the classic big numbers let me know!

my Rainbow Rice cupcake sensory bin has everything you need, from cupcake liners to candles to a funnel and scoop. The bakery is open!

I did add one extra tool. A funnel. Yes I know you don’t use funnels to make cupcakes but this rice is one of the best fillers to use with funnels and I thought it would be fun so there.

Funnels and sensory bins go together like PB & J

Cupcake Sensory Bins are Great for the Little Bakers in your House!

Your toddler will love baking you rainbow rice cupcakes with this super simple sensory bit set up!

Back to Sensory Bin Basics

Over the winter we lost almost all our sensory bin fillers and a lot of our other sensory supplies to a furry little friend.

We had a mouse (mice…I don’t really know) move into the dresser that I use for storage. I did everything I could think of do get rid of it and yet after every round of sanitization and disposal of contaminated supplies, he was back.

In the end I moved everything we had left out of the dresser and left the dresser in a state of unassembled. I haven’t seen any sign of a return and I don’t know if that’s because it’s warming up now and the mouse has no interest in our garage or if its because the dresser is no longer a cozy home. Either way by the end of the winter the only sensory bin filler we had left was half of our white rice and the kinetic sand.

Candles are a great addition to a cupcake sensory bin! They promote fine motor work as well as an invitation to count

We made the best of what we had left by rainbowifing our rice and we honestly love it. Also if you want more ideas on some other classic fillers you can check out the post I did covering just that as well as some other basic sensory bin information!

We could all do with a little rainbow in our lives to help brighten dreary days!

Share your Rainbow Rice Sensory Bins with Me!

When white rice is boring use the ultimate mom hack and make rainbow rice for sensory play

There is something about the bright colors of rainbow rice that just makes you happy. I can’t explain it but it has been a hit around here and I’ll put up with the mess for the smiles and independent play that if provides!

Tag me on Instagram and share your rainbow rice bins. I would love to see what your rainbow looks like!

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