How to Create a Simple Birdseed Sensory Bin

Spring seems like the ideal time to do a birdseed sensory bin. Not only is it a great filler, but we can also do an extension of the activity by using the seed to feed the birds and talk about baby birds, nests, and eggs! Love when themes work together so well!

A birdseed sensory bin is a great springtime toddler invitation to explore

It has been a hot minute since the last sensory bin post! I honestly had to look up the last posted bin and it was all the way back in November with fall loose parts! Don’t worry we have still been doing sensory play. Life just got busy with the holidays, and then baby Bean and I just never got around to sharing them!

We added some small shovels, fake nests and wooden eggs to our birdseed sensory bin

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All you need for a birdseed sensory bin is some eggs, fake nests, bird figures and some then some sensory bin tools

Birdseed Sensory Bin Supplies

We added some small shovels, a milk bottle, fake nests, a couple bird figures and wooden eggs to our birdseed sensory bin

Birdseed Sensory Bin Filler

The birdseed I picked up has a mix of lots of different seeds. We have loved the way it feels to run your hands through the seeds, and she found it very interesting that the birdseed left dust on her hands.

The addition of the milk bottle allows for practice filling and dumping as well as imaginative play
I always try and include a scoop of some kind in our sensory bins

Birdseed Sensory Bin Tools

I have been trying to follow the child and present more simple sensory bins. 90% of the time she could care less about the theme or the little toys. All she wants are the scoops, a container, and a stir stick.

For my birdseed sensory bin, I did just that

I gave her a milk bottle and scoop, a little rake, and a stir stick. Simple. She then added a second shovel.

a scoop and jar offer great fine motor  practice
Lately all our sensory play has been cooking and we always need a stir stick.
Its a good idea to offer lots of different styles of scoops and jars as different shapes and sizes offer different challenges

Birdseed Sensory Bin Toys

I added a couple of handfuls of some small wooden eggs, as well as her larger stone egg. These are the loose parts toys for this bin and got much more use than the bird figures in this setup.

She has liked adding the smaller eggs to the milk bottle and then she discovered that the large egg makes a nice clink as well as makes little cap on top of the bottle.

Our birds are from a fairy garden, but you could use any kind of bird you want. I know that there are some toob sets available if your little one is super into identifying different kinds of birds!

I provided small wooden eggs and one large stone egg in our birdseed sensory bin , we had fun discovering what fit in the milk bottle
Loose parts play is a great way to spark creativity in your child. I personally like to use it in sensory bins as it can inspire us both that way!
A birdseed sensory bin isn't complete with out some nests which ended up acting a lot like bowls for our play

Sensory Play the Responsible way

I know that some people are hesitant to use food as sensory bases right now with the way that some grocery stores are having supply problems. I think a birdseed sensory bin is a nice alternative. You still get the fun of the filler without any guilt that you took the last back of rice off the shelf. Then when your done playing you can reuse the seed and feed your backyard birds!

A birdseed sensory bin is a great way to celebrate spring as well as spark some discussion and learning about birds!

Share your Birdseed Sensory Bins with me!

We are still social distancing right now and thank god for sensory play is all I can say! I have been relying on it a lot in the last few weeks. If you haven’t tried it yet, well I don’t know what you’re waiting for because it is a great way to get some independent play and a quiet moment to yourself!

Tag me on Instagram and share your birdseed sensory bins! I would love to see what you pull together. I think a fun addition would be a real birdfeeder you can hang up after your done!

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