Baby Bean’s Labor and Birth Story

Bean’s birth and labor story is something that we were so excited to share it was so hard for this mama to wait for her! Her due date was 2/2/20 tell me that wouldn’t have been the coolest due date ever!? Alas, that was not the case.

Baby Bean's labor and birth ended up being an natural hospital birth and it went fast!

There’s lots of talk about how baby number 2 likes to come out fast. In a way, this held true for me. When she decided to come, boy, it happened fast.

Be Ready for Anything When it Comes to Labor

For a little bit of backstory, Bitty (my firstborn) was born 4 days early and looking back on it I was in contracting for probably a good 12 hours before we even got to the hospital and it was another 6 before she was born. ( I know that in the grand scheme of things 18 hours for firstborn labor is really not that long, and at the time I actually felt like it was a fairly fast labor)

I was READY for Nora by 39 weeks. I am a planner and a preparer and I don’t like plans to have to change suddenly so I wanted to make sure that I was done with any and all pre-baby prep by 39 weeks, that left the final week for her to come whenever she wanted.

39 weeks and counting

At my 39 week check up I was 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I had dilated early with Bitty as well so it had me at least a little hopeful that labor was coming.

And then I was 40 weeks.

I was bouncing on the yoga ball nearly all the time, drinking red raspberry leaf tea morning noon and night, and all other wife’s tales to naturally triggering labor. I wasn’t overdue yet, but I wanted to be done and I wanted to avoid induction.

I had a membrane sweep at my 40-week checkup and honestly, I felt like it didn’t do anything. There are side effects that they tell you to expect and not to be worried about and such. I didn’t have any change what so ever.

They had me come in again at 40 ½ weeks, where they checked me again and to my disappointment, I had no real change in dilation or baby position. I had another membrane sweep and made appointments for the 41-week stress test and ultrasound. Then I took my toddler to an open gym to keep us both distracted.

And so the laboring begins…

Sitting on the floor playing with Bitty after lunch I start to feel little bouts of discomfort. Cramping is a side effect of the membrane sweep so I just try and ignore it as best you can.

After an hour or so of that it’s getting to be a pretty regular pain. Its totally bearable but I’m pretty convinced at this point that I am in labor!

5-1-1 Rule

I started to time my contractions and the thing that surprised me was how close together they were already. I was contraction every 3 minutes already and I had only just started labor…

A good rule of thumb for labor is to call your doctor/go to the hospital when your contractions are 5 mins apart, lasting 1 minute and holding that pattern for an hour. So 5-1-1. I was rocking 3-1-1 but not in too much pain.

After 3 hours of this, the pain was starting to build. I decided I wanted to get checked out and see what the professionals had to say. We called my grandparents/the designated toddler watchers and went to the hospital.

Good News and Not so Good News

I get checked into the hospital and hooked up to the monitors and good news! I am definitely in labor. The not so good news is that I am not progressing very fast. I was still only about 4 cm and 50 effaced and the babe was still not as low as they would like

I was given two options. I could go walk around the hospital and get checked in an hour to see in any progress was made. Or you can go home and come back when the pain gets more intense. We made the choice to go home. Sort of.

Wanna be my Target Date?

We already had family watching Bitty and I knew that walking around would be better than sitting and I would rather walk around and window shop at target vs. pace the one hallway at home.

So off to Target we went

We spent an hour or so walking the isles. I saw walking, really I was leaning very much on the cart trying to ignore the pain as best I could. My contractions were getting worse but still manageable, my biggest issue was with how close together they were. It felt like as soon as one finished another was building up!

Time for Food?

By this point, it was 7 or so and we hadn’t had any dinner. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep anything down (for me prolonged pain almost always makes me lose my lunch) so I didn’t want anything, but ya gotta keep the husband feed, so we stopped and grabbed him some fast food.

If you have ever been in labor sitting in a car you know how much it sucks. There is something about sitting in that position or maybe it’s the lack of the option to change position. I don’t know but man I was SO ready to get out of the car.

I didn't plan on an unmedicated labor and birth, but sometimes you just don't have time for the painkillers!

Laboring at Home Again

We sent my grandparents home as we had no idea how fast this would progress at this point. I had a feeling this was going to happen tonight it was really just a waiting game at this point.

Zak made me some plain toast in an attempt to get something in me. I had maybe two bites and promptly decided against that idea. I attempted to labor on the yoga ball for a little bit but it just wasn’t doing it for me. That’s when I went to take a nice hot shower, and boy that was the ticket.

I LOVE a hot shower.

So here I was in the dark with the hot water blasting and some meditation music casting on my phone. After a little while, I let the shower water fill the tub and I sat down. This was the first time all afternoon/ evening that I was able to labor somewhat zenly. Don’t get me wrong I was still contracting every 3 or so mins and the pain was definitely getting worse but something about the dark and the water and the music I was able to enter a trans like state.

I labored like that for 45 mins or so. By that time the water was starting to get cold and it was time for Bitty to go to bed and I wanted to say good night as there was a chance I wouldn’t be here in the morning.

Bedtime Fail

I attempted to sit in her room and try to do her bedtime routine with her. Let’s just say I made it all of 2 mins before I had to excuse myself to say goodbye to all two bites of toast that I had eaten earlier…

I retreated back to my meditation music and the dark. This time in the bedroom where I managed to find a laying position that sort of worked for me. For a bit.

By the time Zak finished putting Bitty to bed, I was ready to go back to the hospital. The pain was getting worse and there was almost no break in between contractions. We called the grandparents back over and we drove back to the Hospital.

And I thought riding in the car a couple of hours ago was bad…

Back at the Hospital

As we got to the hospital after hours, we had to enter through the ER. We didn’t get any further than the check-in counter before I needed to throw up again due to the pain. Thankfully they have handy little bags for that so woo-hoo for that!

We were checked in and I was checked over by 9 o clock. I had dilated to a 6 and they transferred me to a labor room.

There is a whole mess of things that they do to you before having a baby. And I honestly wish I remembered more of it…Looking back all I really remember was that they asked a bunch of questions, they really struggled to get my blood drawn and subsequently couldn’t get my IV up and working. There were lots of people coming and going and I was in a crazy state of pain.

I wasn’t planning a totally unmedicated birth…

I was planning on not getting an epidural but was open to other pain management options. I knew they were struggling with my IV and I was waiting for them to get that working so I could have some IV painkillers.

After 30 or 45 mins I asked if they were getting close to getting those painkillers for me and they all acted surprised like they didn’t know I wanted them. I guess I had never made myself clear enough or something but they started rushing to fix my IV so I could get the painkillers.

Honestly, at one point, I think my midwife told them to forget it. We weren’t going to have time to get it done before this baby was going to be here.

When I went into labor I knew that second babies can often come fast. Bean certainitly didnt disapoint!

It can’t be time already?!

All of this had happened so fast that I hadn’t even had time to take advantage of any laboring positions or devices…I was just standing next to the bed leaning over on my arms. It felt like my contractions never ended. As soon as one finished another was hot on its trail. The pain is unlike anything I can describe. If you’ve been through it you know.

I labored like this for an hour. Maybe an hour and a half. At which point I remember looking up at my midwife and saying I know it can’t be time, but it sure feels like I need to.

She said it very well might be and to trust my body.

The very next contraction my water broke rather dramatically and managed to hit almost every person in the room. Zak, my midwife, and all the various nurses… They were frantically trying to throw towels down so no one slipped. It was time to push.

Fast and Furious Labor

I’m not exaggerating when I say that not 5 minutes later and with maybe four pushes little Bean is was born and in my arms! I remember with bitty I was pushing for a lot longer and I remember it being some of the worse pain. So I am super thankful that Bean decided to just get it all over with.

Introducing Sweet Baby Bean!

Bean arrived at 10:57 pm on February 6th, 2020. She was 8 lbs 12 oz and 20 inches long. She had a fine layer of brown hair and dark blue eyes. Possibly the best part was that she didn’t look just like her sister! Lol

When Bitty was born every nurse, family member, doctor and friend said there was no question whos baby she was. Looking down at her was like looking at a little mini version of Zak. Now I love my man, but I wanted to see at least a little of me in her! (don’t worry her personality is ALL me…so at least there’s that.)

Bean, on the other hand, seems like a nice mix of both of us and I even see some similarities to Bitty in her face so that’s fun!

Officially a Big Sister

We had Bitty come to the hospital to meet baby Bean the next morning and let me tell you my momma heart was so happy seeing my girls together for the first time!

Bitty was a bit apprehensive but SUPER interested. The one thing I never want to forget is how she would look at Bean and say in the squeaky little voice “oh she’s so tiny!”

Home Sweet Home

Now that we have been home and a family of four for a couple of months, I think we are starting to settle in a bit. At least for this season of life.

Bitty adores Bean and is a super helper. She is always checking on her or letting us know that she needs one of us. Though for some reason doesn’t ever want to hold her much. She has handled any jealously or frustrations with us rather well! I’m sure we’ll be in for it when Bean starts to grab toys. 😉

Having Zak at home has been such a game-changer this time around. Not only do I have a fellow adult to talk to occasionally (helping to keep me sane for sure) but if things really start to fall apart, he can step in and help for 5 mins and that has been a lifesaver!

My Recovery Time the Second Time Around

I recall my recovery time being much longer after Bitty. This time around I was up and moving no problem the next day and back to my old self by the time we left the hospital. I will say the cramps post-delivery were worse this time around and I was on a steady supply of painkillers for that, but my bleeding was done in a like a week and I didn’t have any complications whatsoever!

There was one thing I suppose…

If you recall back a few months I went down a slide with Bitty and bruised my tailbone something fierce. Well, long story short…something about the labor and deliver reawakened that injury and amplified it too…

So ya my butt hurts. A LOT. I can’t sit for more than 10 mins unless I am able to sit more on my hips than my seat… If ya got any great tips on dealing with tailbone injuries I am all ears!

I know what you’re all really here for!

I want to thank you all for joining me in my little corner of the internet and being so patient with me while I take some maternity leave. I have some great content planned over the next few months, but PLEASE let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to cover! I can be baby related, postpartum, toddler learning…anything! Thank you again!

And now I will leave you now with some adorable pictures of my sweet baby Bean!

If you want even more sweet baby updates, make sure and follow me on Instagram where I will bound to be sharing lots!

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