Fall Loose Parts Sensory Bin

If you follow along with my sensory bins adventures you will remember my Halloween loose parts sensory bin. It was such a hit that I wanted to follow in its footsteps so to say and I created our Fall loose parts sensory bin!

Adding loose parts to our fall sensory bin was a no brainer it is quickly becoming one of our favorite ways to play with sensory bins!
I wanted our fall sensory bin to reflect her current interests and that would be collect natural treasures and baking! So some nuts and acorns in a cloud dough base seem to fit the bill just right!

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Fall Sensory Bin Supplies

Our Fall sensory bin is fulled with nuts, pumpkins, and acorns in a cloud dough base with some great fine motor tools for added benefit!

Nature is the Best Source of Loose Parts

There isn’t a time that we go outside these days without Bitty finding some kind of treasure that she needs to bring home with us. Leaves, seedpods, pinecones you name it we have a tray of it sitting in our windowsill.

Nuts come in all shapes and sizes and as long as you can keep your little from eating them they make great sensory additions!

I remember as a kid myself one of my favorite things to do in the fall was to collect buckets of acorns. Don’t ask me why but I did it year after year.

I collected these nuts and acorns back when I was working as a nanny and I just couldn’t part with them. They feel right at home in our fall sensory bin!

Some fine motor tools like tongs, scoops and spoons make sensory play that much more rewarding!

Fall Sensory Bin Sorting Tools

In addition to our favorite scoop and tongs, I added these 4 little triangle molds to our sensory set up.

adding some kind of bowl or tin to fill and transport is always a good idea in any sensory bin

A lot of her sensory play ends up as baking or cooking so I wanted to provide some trays to add her ingredients to.

These also double as a great invitation to do some sorting, something that she is just starting to show some interest it!

Nature is full of loose parts that are great additions to a sensory bin!

Fall Sensory Bin Filler

We have been spending a lot of time baking in the kitchen and one of her favorite things to do is stir the flour, so I thought it might be time to break out the cloud dough again and so loves it! Cloud dough is just a simple mixture of baby oil and flour. It keeps its fluffy texture but with a little pressure, it molds and packs.

Baking has been a big hit lately so we made lots of pie and soup and muffins with our fall sensory bin

Word of warning though this stuff is messy, no way around it. That said it vacuums up no sweat so clean up doesn’t take long at all.

Share your Fall Sensory Bin with Me!

Our Fall sensory bin is as simple as taking a nature walk and gathering what you find interesting! Then add a filler and some fine motor tools and your set!

If you have any kind of fall sensory bin I would love to see it! It’s awesome to see what natural loose parts your kids’ love. Seedpods have been her latest obsession, she loves to crack them open to get at the beans inside!

If you want to get even more sensory bin ideas, make sure and follow my Sensory bin board on Pinterest where I save lots of ideas for awesome sensory play!

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