Halloween Loose Parts Sensory Bin

Black Beans as a base, some orange and purple loose parts and a couple jack-o-lantern baskets make for a simple a super simple, but awesome Halloween Sensory bin

Our Halloween Sensory Bin is simple but it has everything we love in a sensory bin; scoops and tongs, some tiny toys and a few colorful loose parts.

Our Halloween Sensory bin is a simple set up with black beans, orange and purple loose parts and some pumpkin baskets for good measure

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Halloween Sensory Bin Supplies

Sometimes its the simple set ups with little instruction that lead to the best play and discovery

Holiday Sensory Bins

Its just not Halloween without a jack-o-lantern or two

The holidays seem to be one of the easiest things to base a sensory bin around. I don’t know if it’s just the “prebuilt” color pallet or the large variety of decorations and supplies available for use or if it’s just the general excitement level that kids have for holidays.

If you are wanting to do some of your own holiday-themed sensory bin, take a walk through your local craft stores seasonal section or even the seasonal section of Target or Walmart or even Dollar store. I am sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration I know that what I did for our Halloween Loose Parts Sensory Bin!

Holiday decorations and part favors make for great additions to our Halloween sensory bin.

Tried and True Sensory Bin Tools

Tongs are a great sensory bin tool to work on fine motor skills

We swear by our scoops and tongs!

If you are a regular reader of my sensory bin posts you will no doubt recognize our metal scoop. If you have to buy 1 sensory bin tool I would recommend a scoop in this style. It is by far her favorite thing to use for well… scooping.

Tongs, on the other hand, we have LOTS of different styles. I like having a variety as they all take a different amount of effort to work and are all different sized. For instance, this wide metal pair take some force to close and if you want them to close all the way you need to pinch fairly low on the tongs. Watching her practice and then master how to use them differently for the different loose parts was super cool!

A candy jar scoop is our favorite sensory bin tool for scooping and pouring

Keeping our Halloween Sensory Bin Simple

Different sized scoops and spoons make for a new experience with old fillers

I have found that at least right now these simple sensory bins are the kind that Bitty seems to like the best. Simple and without a particular goal in mind. It allows her to explore and discover things in her own way and I am not complaining because simple setups are also easy setups!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure we will be doing more goal-based sensory play, especially as she gets older and can focus for longer, but right now its fun just watching her explore and learn on her own!

Having a good time exploring the loose parts in our Halloween Sensory bin

Share your Halloween Sensory Bins with Me!

A quick and easy invitation to explore with our Halloween Sensory bin using lots of fun purple and orange loose parts and black beans

I would love to see what kind of fun Halloween sensory bin setups you had out for playtime this October. I have seen some really fun ones using the spider web decorations that I am thinking for next year…or maybe I’ll just do a spider-themed bin in addition just for the fun of it!

If you want to see us playing with our Halloween sensory bin or any of our other fun Halloween activates I have planned, make sure and follow me on Instagram!

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