Orange Loose Parts Sensory Bin

Our Orange Loose parts sensory bin has lots of different things to practice using the tongs with and its easy to clean up to boot!

Our orange loose parts sensory bin is a simple invitation to explore with some paper grass, our orange loose parts, and some tongs. While it may be simple don’t be misled, it offers some great fine motor practice and plenty of fun!

Our Orange Loose Parts Sensory bin is great for fine motor practice with lots to try and pick up with the tongs!

Orange Loose parts Sensory bin supplies

  • Paper grass
  • Small boxes
  • Small cups
  • Tongs
  • Orange Loose parts
With brown paper grass as the base and a variety of orange loose parts from balls to rings to dics to peg people and clothespins there is plenty to explore in this sensory bin

Nontraditional sensory filler

paper grass was a surprise hit this week as the sensory bin filler in our orange loose parts sensory bin

This paper straw has been sitting in my drawer for months now waiting for me to come up with a use for it.  It’s not a traditional sensory filler. It doesn’t scoop or pour well but it is still fun to play with all the same.

I expected her to basically ignore the grass and see it as more of a nuisance but it ended up being her favorite part and I had to encourage her to explore the loose parts!

The Orange Loose Parts sensory bin is simple and still offers lots of varied play opportunity!
tongs are a great fine motor tool for your little and helps to build the muscles in their hands to get them ready for writing!
Loose parts are a great way to encourage creative thinking and imagination

Fine Motor Skills are starting to show up!

our Orange loose parts sensory bin is a simple setup but offers lots of different objects of different weights, sizes, and textures to practice picking up

We have finally reached a point in her fine motor that tongs are not impossible to use! After a quick demonstration on where to hold them to make them work she is a pro. She really enjoyed using the tongs to grab the grass, probably because it was lighter and required basically no aiming. She could just blindly reach in and always come away with some grass between the tongs.

our orange loose parts offered lots of different sizes and weights to practice with the tongs
Tongs skills are really improved lately and this paper grass was a great option for more practice!

Share your Orange Loose Parts sensory bins with me!

Our Orange Loose Parts Sensory Bin is very simple, but plenty of open ended play to be had!

The great part about loose parts sensory bins is that it is so easy for others to join in the fun! You don’t have to have the same kind, just pull together what you have, add them to a filler, throw in some tools and TADA! A thematic sensory bin anyone can do!

You can see lots of other sensory bin ideas on my Pinterest page if you’r looking for a fun theme to try out too! Make sure and tag me on Instagram if you give a loose parts sensory bin a try, I would love to see them!

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