3-6 Month Milestones and Baby Bean Update

So many changes during this season of life! The 3-6 month milestones update has lots of growth for Miss Bean and personality developments as well as some big changes for the family as a whole! 

6 Month Update on my sweet Beanie baby. Lots of developments and changes happening around here!

The Life and Growth of Baby Bean

0-3 Month Milestones – Growth

Miss Bean is growing great but is a smaller baby than her sissy was and I am okay with that so that I have that little baby for a little longer! At 6 months old she is JUST starting to outgrow some of her 3-6 month clothes. 

She found her toes at 4 months and then promptly forgot about them for like 2 months. And is just starting to rediscover them now at 6 months.

one of the first 3-6 month milestones she hit was finding her toes

She started consistently rolling back to belly around 5 months and from belly to back just in the last week or so at 6 months.

She started lifting her chest off the ground at 5 months and then by 5.5 she was doing the backwards scoot. But she hasn’t practiced much because she decided to learn how to sit independently at 5 months and that was all she wanted to do. Tummy time is no fun man I wanna sit!

Tummy time and subsequently rolling and crawling practice are starting to pick up more now at 6 months. 

Bean is always reaching and using her hands and putting whatever she can get her hands on in her mouth. I am shocked at how good her fine motor is and how accurate she is. It’s officially time to make sure all choking hazards are out of reach…

Watching her reach out and use her fine motor skills is one of my favorite things to do with miss Bean

0-3 Month Milestones – Personality

My Beanine baby loves to smile and is generally such a happy little thing. She just lights up when she catches sight of someone. 

Beanie baby is such a happy girl. She just lights up and smiles all the time!

She is starting to really “talk” more and more and her giggles are what makes the world go around I’m sure of it.

I joke that this kid goes 0-60 in everything she does. She’s happy, she’s happy, she’s happy, nope now she’s MAD. She’s awake and now she’s asleep. There is no in-between. Its all or nothing.

0-3 Month Milestones – Sleep

This is such a roller coaster with her. 

We will have GREAT nights where she is up once eats and goes right back to sleep. Then we will have nights where she is up every hour and is mad that you are trying to get her back to sleep. 

She doesn’t seem in pain, or uncomfortable. She doesn’t really want a cuddle, but she doesn’t want to be left alone. It could be developmental as she masters rolling and now getting up on her knees. It could be teeth. It could be any number of things, so we are at a loss as to what can be causing that other than the age-old excuse of ‘baby logic’ 

Miss Bean may develop into my snuggler, she doesn't do it often but more than her Sissy did.

She started transitioning out of the swaddle around 4 months

For as unpredictable as her night are her naps have honestly been amazing. I started paying attention to wake windows around the 4-month mark and it helped soooo much. At 5 months we were doing 3-hour wake windows and it was working…sorta. She was a happy camper but she was getting really difficult to get settled into naps. So we adjusted and are doing 2.5 now and its been doing really well for us. 

Bean will take a morning nap around 9 and sleep for an hour and a half or two and then she takes her second nap around 1 and again I’ll get anywhere from 1.5-2 hours most days. If she woke up early that day or if her naps were short for some reason she will take a quick catnap in the early evening. 

3-6 month milestones are kinda bittersweet for me. It means my baby is growing up too fast, but also they start to do some exciting stuff in this time frame.

0-3 Month Milestones – Eating

We are still breastfeeding and she is thankfully a little of an easier feed than her sister was. She is still distractable that is for sure, but I don’t have to feed her whiles she’s half asleep. So that’s a win.

She eats 5-6 times a day. First thing in the morning, before morning nap, before lunch, early evening, and before bed are her average times. She is still feeding 2-3 times overnight. Does she NEED it? Probably not, is it the quickest and easiest way to resettle her most of the time? Definitely. 

I am so excited to start BLW with Miss Bean. It was such a good experience with Bitty and its always so fun to see what foods they gravitate towards. So far she is a champ and loves every minute of it! She will get buckled up at the table and start smacking the table like ‘barkeep I want a banana and keep em coming’  

Bean's favorite thing right now is silicone straws.

Bean Loves

Silicone straws and cupcake liners – these are SO worth it for a teething baby not to mention they are super easy to clean. 

Play Table – We got this out around 5 months and shes not content to sit in it as long as she can see you too. 

we introduced a play table at about 4 months and it can be a super useful device especially if I am having to multitask!

Cold Teethers – this is new territory for us. Bitty basically refused anything cold so it was a fluke that I even had any in the freezer to offer Bean.

Her Sissy – Bean ADORES Bitty. Nothing makes her smile and laugh more than her sissy!

one of the 3-6 month milestones that excites me the most is watching that sister bond really start to form. Bean adores Bitty and Bitty takes such good care of her baby sister.

Bubble wrap – her favorite part of moving was the bubble wrap for sure.

3-6 Month Milestones – Firsts

First Road Trip – we went back to South Dakota to visit family when she was about 4.5 months and she did SO much better on the drive than I expected. 

First Food – Miss Bean started sitting around 5 months and as her 6-month mark awe are doing pproached we let her taste a few little bits of food. Her first was Watermelon and she loved it. 

We introduced her first foods right before 6 months and I don't know if there is a more exciting 3-6 month milestone that first foods!

First Move – We bought a house and moved when Bean was 5 months old. I can say without a doubt that if you can be picky DONT move while your little one is in this in-between stage of newborn and infant. It was so stressful working out naps and paying attention to wake times and I couldn’t really help with the move much because of needing to be where ever she was and we needed her out of the way for the most part. So ya. That was a thing. 

A personal milestone for the family was purchasing and moving into our first home. I can not wait to raise our girls here!

Mama Musings

Hair man. Oh the woes of postpartum hair loss…I won’t gross you out with details but I’ll state that I lost insane amounts of hair. Kinda dreading the wispy baby hair stage that comes next.

I have NEVER been one who enjoys working out. I know the benefits and I know that for my long term health I should but I still don’t do it. So I still have some pregnancy weight and a squishy stomach, and thats just the way its going to be for a while. 

3-6 months of Beanie Baby

3-6 Month Milestones and Baby Bean Update. What have we been doing and learning over the last three months.

Life has been incredible busy between moving, baby milestones and general other family stuff. I’ve been trying to remember to take a moment here or there and soak in a little extra baby goodness as she is growing too fast and I know I will miss it soon.

If you want to see more pictures of Bean and keep up to date with her growth make sure and follow my Instagram where I share a TON of this adorable little face.

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