Construction Truck Sensory Bin

a collage title card for out construction truck sensory bin

Our Construction Truck Sensory bin has been without a doubt the biggest hit in a long time! She is independently playing and staying engaged longer than any of the other recent bins. It’s that kinetic sand man, it’s magic.

a toddler digging in the kinetic sand on out construction trucks sensory bin

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Construction Truck Sensory Bin Supplies

Thats it. This is a super simple small world sensory bin!

a toddler loading up a construction truck with sand
Construction Trucks Sensory Bin title card

Mulit Sensory Input

Kinetic sand is awesome. If you have never played with it, it’s probably up there in my top 10 favorite toys of all time. It always has a kinda cool temperature, it is great to squeeze and compress but also sorta flows over your fingers. It never dries out and it’s honestly pretty easy to clean up. You can get it in different colors but we have the classic sand. Seriously add it to your repertoire, you wont regret it.

a toddler playin in kinetic sand sitting a table with a sensory bin in front of her

I picked two different rocks to add to our construction truck sensory bin this week. The black vase filler rocks are toddler palm sized and super smooth and then the lava rock (that I literally scavenged from our backyard) have a much more rough texture but are crazy light.

So in this simple bin we have the smooth and heavy in contrast to the light and rough as well as the magic that is kinetic sand!

a close up of the large smooth black rocks and the smaller rought lava rocks as well as the kinetic sand

Construction Truck Sensory Bin set up

I presented the tray with the lava rocks edging a ‘quarry’ of the lava rocks with the sand filling the rest of the tray. I added a Large rock as a platform of sorts and then the bucket and scoop. These make less sense in the small world but all the sense in the world for her playtime!

a top down view of our Sand an Stones Construction Trucks Small World Sensory Bin

Semi-Independent play 

I’m not going to lie to you. She asks me to play with her every time I get this out and she ALWAYS brings me a rock to investigate at some point.

That said. With a simple push and a reminder of ‘you can play mom will be right here’ she is content to independently play for 10-15 mins and that is just awesome in my books!  

a toddler picking smaller rocks out of a sand sculpture

Her favorite part has definitely been the scoop and the sand. But I have seen her actively play with all the parts of the construction trucks sensory bin, and that’s a refreshing change from her normal sensory bin play where she often just pushes things aside to play with only part of the bin.

a toddler using a scoop in a tray of kinetic sand and stones

Share your Construction Truck Sensory Bin with me!

Sand and Stones with Construction Trucks Sensory bin title card showing a toddler playing in kinetic sand

I feel like everyone and their grandma has done some kind of construction truck sensory bin, but I would love to see your versions! You can always tag me @mamamegan_allysa on Instagram or find me on Facebook!

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