3rd Trimester Update – Baked Bean

The 3rd trimester pregnancy update covers new aches and pains as well as some nesting!

My 3rd trimester flew past! With the holiday season perfectly aligned I feel like it came and went so fast and here we are with only a couple weeks to go! Thankfully I was able to get almost everything done that I wanted to. From here its just some extra fun stuff to prepare and celebrate.

The 3rd trimester pregnancy update is a couple of weeks early as I don’t want to forget to do it in case baby Bean comes early! I just know I won’t have the time after she arrives!

3rd Trimester Bumpdates

I have done really well with remembering to take a bump shot each week even with this being my second pregnancy. I only forgot once! 😉

3rd Trimester bumpdates 28-31

Week 30 took place while we were out of town for Thanksgiving. So I took a shot it just doesn’t match these.

3rd Trimester bump dates 32-34

Week 35 landed on new year I think and I just completely spaced it…

3rd Trimester bump dates 36-38

3rd Trimester Thoughts

We reached the third trimester and I am thrilled to watch the bump grow and getting more and more excited to meet this little miss

Size – We are currently 38 weeks and Bean is the size of Spaghetti Squash

Baby Movements – Bean’s favorite times to be active are early mornings and right after dinner. Movements have definitely changed now that she is running out of space. They are much more like pressure changes and stretches versus kicks. It’s still kinda wild that I can rub my hand over the bump and actually feel her in there.

Name – We have settled on a name and possibly even a backup name! You know just in case she comes out and our first pick just doesn’t fit her. We gave our family a hint at Christmas but will be keeping the name under wraps until she makes her arrival.

Cravings – Pickles. I have always liked pickles but I am going through almost a jar a week right now.

Aversions – No new aversions, still not super into raw veggies, with the exception of carrots.

What I am wearing – My closet is limited to maternity tops, and long tunics right now. Everything else just doesn’t fit right…or at all. The search for maternity jeans was a bust, I settled on a pair of jeggings that are better than what I had but still not great. So I just continue to live in my leggings. 

Sleep – This has gotten tricky. I went through a week or so of just awful sleep around 34 weeks. While I seem to have passed that particular hurdle, I’ve just not fully recovered. There are just an insane amount of pillows on the bed for me to attempt to be comfortable and also support the belly and the hips the way I need. I have noticed that I am definitely more tired lately as well. That could be due to the lackluster sleep at night or the physical strain of the bigger bump.

Weight gain – I have stabilized a bit here I don’t seem to be adding on the lbs quite a quick and that gives me some hope for later on when I’m trying to shed them!

Physical Changes – I developed SPD or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction in the second trimester and let me tell you; while there are definitely worse things in life this is not fun. The best way I can describe it is feeling like you just got kicked in the groin, but you feel like this all the time. Thankfully mine was a mild enough case that KT tape on the bump to help support and redistribute weight helped to ease most of the pain.

Then at 37 weeks, the baby started to drop and boy do I have a new set of aches and pains.

How have I been feeling – I have reached the point where I’m not rushing this baby out but I see light at the end of the tunnel. The ability to fall asleep however I want and be able to sit with my legs crossed are simple things I am looking forward to.

Maternity Session Photos

We had a casual family maternity session in downtown Fort Collins and I think we got some really great shots. Thankfully the weather mostly cooperated as well as the toddler!

What I’ve been loving – I have been using that nesting energy to tackle a few of the closets and dressers that have gotten out of hand. Mostly Bitty’s stuff really. I tend to keep my own space fairly well organized. (thank you mild OCD)

I have been loving checking things off my to-do list honestly, and I feel like we are actually ready for this babe now. I have a whole post on what we have been doing to prepare for the babe if you want to know more.

What we are planning – We just took the tour of the hospital and I have my bag mostly ready to go so at this point we are ready when she is. Mostly I’m just planning on keeping myself distracted and soaking up all the Bitty cuddles!

Pregnancy the second time around

the 3rd trimester really flew by, but I wanted to make sure that I made some notes on how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking before this babe shows up!

For the most part, I handle pregnancy really well, but it’s still so interesting how different pregnancies can be.

With Bitty, I was so swollen from so early on! She was also pushing on my rib cage from the get-go. Bean is causing way more pelvic pain and she is more active in general.

If you want to be kept up to date on baby Bean’s arrival make sure and follow me on Instagram. I’m sure that will be the first place I share about her and in the meantime, you can follow for pregnancy updates as well as our usual toddler fun!

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