Gender Reveal Sensory Bin

Our Gender Reveal Sensory bin was a great way to add some fun for the littles at our party and it has proven to be fun long after!

If you saw my post from earlier this week you will have noticed that I made a sensory bin set up for our gender reveal party. I wanted there to be something fun for any littles that came and this gender revel sensory bin was just the ticket!

Our Gender Reveal Sensory Bin uses the classic combo of pink and blue and a long standing kid favorite. SAND!

Gender Reveal Sensory Bin Supplies

Our Sensory bin table has a two bin system and that was just begging to be split pink and blue!

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Sand : a Classic Favorite Sensory Filler

This is not my most creative sensory filler moment, but sand is a favorite for a reason. Kids love to dig sift and pour the stuff. I knew I wanted my “treasures” to be the focal point so play sand was a natural choice! (not to mention that you can get a huge bag at your hardware store for next to nothing)

Sand is a classic for a reason it so simple and kids love to play in it. Not to mention its fairly cheap for large sensory bins!

Gender Reveal Sensory Bin Treasures

The pink and blue treasures we included in our gender reveal sensory bin were bead necklaces and aquarium gems

This is where this sensory bin really shines. (literally, when the sun streaks in!) Our Sensory bin table (a DIY you can read more about here!) has a two bin set up. It was practically begging for a pink and blue divide between the two! 

With plenty of buckets and scoops scattered among the pink and blue treasures our gender reveal sensory bin was a no fail party activity!

Bitty loves to play with these blue fish tank gems so I didn’t hesitate at all to pick up the pink ones. I added the necklaces just for another dash of fun. Plus she is starting to get into dress up and likes to put necklaces on.

the aquarium gems make for great decorations on "cupcakes" and castles alike!

My intent beyond the color scheme was that the treasures could be easily buried and “lost” only to have the excitement of the discovery of buried treasure and who doesn’t want to find buried treasure!?

Sensory Bin Tools

I kept the tools for our gender reveal sensory bin to classic sandbox tools. Funnels to drain, and shovels to scoop with and buckets to fill up.

some wide mouth funnels are the surprise hit of the gender reveal sensory bin!
Sandboxes are great sensory bins for all ages. Theres just some kind of magic to them.
The scoops and shovels you use in a sandbox are great fine motor tools to play with!

I did miniaturize some of these tools, in a traditional sandbox you are generally dealing with more depth than we have so by offering smaller buckets and scoops you feel like your doing some decent digging without needing to try and fill a full size bucket!

It didn't take too long for the pink and blue to get mixed together in our gender reveal sensory bin.

Play is Learning

Everyone always sights sports as a great way to practice hand eye coordination, and maybe that’s the case for later on, but I think scooping and filling is a great starter to practice that hand eye coordination. We are really working on dumping and pouring where we want the content of our scoop to actually go! Bitty is still working on this and often misses but offering a target is really helping her to concentrate and try again!

I find that giving her a goal often helps her to engage with the sensory bin for longer. Today we made cupcakes. ;)

I have found that our two-bin system is actually really good for her transporting skills as well. She will fill a bucket up on one side and want to move it over to the other without spilling. I believe this is called crossing the midline or something like that and it’s a great skill for them to practice!

Moving the sand cupcakes from the oven to the counter to cool is great for practicing balance and crossing the midline!

Share your Gender Reveal Sensory Bins with me!

I havn't seen many other gender reveal sensory bin set ups. It was so simple and has lasted long past the party!

In my party planning I didn’t come across any other gender reveal sensory bins so if you have one I would love to see what you set up! Really all I had was a sandbox with some pink and blue toys thrown in! So this was a super simple addition to our gender reveal party and has been a hit since then!

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