10 Random Facts About Me

Everyone is more than they make themselves out to be. You never know what you may have in common with someone else. In an effort to give you a little more info about me and maybe find some of that common ground, I pulled together a list of random facts. They make up part of who am. Megan, who is more than just a mama. Leave a comment if we have any of these things in common!

title card for 10 random facts about me  showing a selfie of a young woman with brown hair tied back. Also wearing Sunglasses and a brown jacket. With fall leaves behind her


1.ABBA and I go way back – you can blame my mother for that one. It also makes me super productive.

2. I used to hate wearing socks, like at all even in the middle of winter…I have naturally cold feet so I just didn’t fight it and let them be cold. Now you will be hard pressed to find me without them even in the middle of summer. (Never with sandals though, I’m no heathen!)

a young mom with a toddler in a soft sided carrier strapped on at the beach

3. If a human could be cold-blooded it would be. I am always cold thus why I like the sunshine so much! Zak lovingly refers to me as ‘heat leach’.

4. I was super into the theater in High School, I think I was part of almost every show that was put on for all four years. I ranged from a stagehand, stage manager, random munchkin, mute old artist, a personified songbird and even had the lead roll in Annie Get Your Gun among many other roles.

Random facts include a Highschool senior singing in Annie Get Your Gun wearing a green shiny cowgirl hat
You’ll have to excuse the quality of this baby. It was taken quite some time ago in low light with a bad camera…a recipe for photographic disaster really.


5. I love the smell of sawdust – you can blame my dad for that one

6. I really enjoy board games…like really complicated board games. Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and Zombicide are personal favorites. Have any recommendations?! We are always game to add more games!

a stack of zombicide board game boxes

7. While I got quite good grades in school I really didn’t enjoy school all that much. I worked my but off for it and I didn’t like failing. My least favorite was definitely Science, it was just the hardest subject for me to figure out. My brain just wasn’t wired for it. I did really enjoy world history. Something about other cultures and how humans used to live that I find interesting!

8. I didn’t see the ocean until I was 21 and it was magical and is now apart of my soul. Mostly it just made me want to never leave….I’ve also been less than 10 feet from wild dolphins in the ocean. That was super cool except for the part where we thought they might be sharks at first. lol

a young couple kissing on the beach at sunset with the waves at their feet

9. I have a REAL hard time making friends. Above all this makes me super thankful for the ones that have stuck around since High School – even if we don’t get to see each other too much.

10. I would live off of fruit if it was truly possible. Peach, Pomegranate and Grapefruit are my favorite.

my Random facts include a bowl of kiwi, grapes and blueberries on a butcher block counter


If you’re just dying to know more random facts about me you should follow me on Instagram. It’s full of fun and interesting things about me (and Sidney)!

What’s one thing that surprised you the most! Tell me something random about yourself!

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