Water Bead Sensory Play

Water bead sensory play can be so simple and yet so much fun!

A simple water bead sensory play is everything that we needed this week! After coming home from vacation we needed a fresh sensory bin and we needed it quick and easy!

Water bead sensory play is great for fine motor skills as well as all the sensory inputs!
We really enjoy our simple water bead sensory play

Water bead sensory play supplies

  • Water beads
  • Icecube tray
  • Tall Measuring cup
  • Small measuring cup
  • Metal scoop
  • Metal cups
the cups and scoops for our water bead sensory play offered different sizes and shapes and sounds

Water bead disclaimer

Water beads can be a trigger for a lot of people. They tend to bounce all around the room if dropped. They are slippery and thus easy to drop. They are also easy to break. So if you’re like me and hope to reuse your sensory supplies this one will never be quite the same the second time around. Not to mention that they are a choking hazard. (So if your little is still putting lots in their mouth I would hold off on this activity or do so with direct supervision)

Offering a 'ramp' of sorts helped keep the water beads in the tray

Quick and Easy Water bead sensory play

I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to get really creative with our set up this week and honestly I don’t think she minds all. The scoop and the metal cups are all she really wants anyway!

After letting the water beads soak overnight We just went out to our sensory dresser and I let her pick out a measuring cup. From there I added the little metal cups the scoop and the ice cube tray. I knew that without any kind of direction provided for the play I did want to provide multiple ways to play with the water beads.

We have to keep a close eye on her and remind her to be gentle  constantly when we get water beads out

Sensory learning

we are still working on her scooping skills

She is still learning how to work that scoop and that has lead to our fair share of water beads bouncing all over the floor but we are getting there.

She really enjoyed the added fun of discovering what sounds everything made when she would clang them against each other

She is also very interested in the different sounds that everything makes when she hits the scoop on them or clangs them on the tray. So bonus sensory input!

Our biggest hurdle at the moment is her using her gentle hands…she has discovered that she has enough fine motor control to pick up a single bead and then proceeds to divide it into pieces… While I appreciate that this is also sensory learning all the broken water beads drive me up the wall and I just don’t want her doing it on purpose. I know that it is going to happen just by playing with them but I don’t want to encourage it.

when she starts to squish the water beads in her hand I have to take the tray way from her.

Share your Water bead sensory play with me!

Our water bead sensory play is usually kept simple because the water beads are fun enough on their own!

Water beads have become a bit controversial but I would love to see what you have used them for if you have ever done some water bead sensory play! Please tag me @mamamegan_allysa on Instagram so I can see!

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