Toddler 18 Month Update

With Bitty solidly in toddler land things are changing everyday. Tried and true baby tricks are out of the window and she is ready for more “big girl” activities. I feel like toddlers are a whole new challenge, but they payoff is some real connection and communication and I LOVE that!

a toddler with white blonde hair and vivid blue eyes dressed in a pink sweater


Motor skills have never been behind for this little lady. She was walking at 11 months and has never slowed down. She dances all the time (and has some killer moves too), we saw the precursor to jumping the other day and she is climbing her Pikler all the time. She has recently decided that she needs help getting down off her stools, which is a bit of a regression so I am trying to re-teach her how to do that.

Her sign language has really been taking off! She has had all done, more, please, eat, drink and nightnight for months. Help…she does wrong…but she has done it the same way for so long, no matter how many times I correct her that I give up! She also has dog and cat and bird and squirrel, and train. We recently added Daddy and she latched on to that one. Mommy she still won’t do, but she did pick up on the sign we created for her name really quickly.

            She has been able to say Mom and Dada for quite some time, but just a week we added our first other words. Join us, as we have entered the “no” phase. She very clearly says no and yup and actually means what she says maybe 50% of the time. We might also have heard ball, I’m waiting to see if it stays consistent. We do make a lot of animal noises as well. Woof, Meow, Moo, Neigh, Baa are the most common.

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She has been in 24mo pants for a while and is dipping into 2T (Don’t get me started on the sizing discrepancies in kids clothing) Tops it depends…a few of her 18 months still seem fine. We haven’t had much luck finding many 24 month tops and quite a few of the 2T are baggy on her…so its just a bit of a lottery everyday as to how her cloths will fit!


33 inches


 27 pounds


Eating has slowed down a bit. For a stretch there she was trying and eating most everything I put in front of her. Now she is being more stubborn and if she doesn’t recognize it there is a good chance she wont touch it. She also isn’t a fan if things are all mixed together in one dish. For example Chili. She loves beans and corn so you would think that chili would go over good. She can just pick out her favorites and leave the rest if she doesn’t like it. Not the case she will refuse to touch the whole thing corn and beans be dammed.

She has great spoon and fork control and we are just starting to introduce a big girl cup.

Current favorites are beans, Noodies (butter noodles), corn, peanut butter, popcorn, yogurt smoothies, grapes, and applesauce.

a toddler asleep in a stroller with a blue hat and a fur lined hood


            She is down to one nap in the afternoon from 1-3:30 and maybe a 10 min catnap in the morning if we are in the car around 10:30.

She sleeps through the night 75% of the time now and dad of the year goes to Zak for always being the one to get up if she does need someone! I did my time while she was nursing so now it’s his turn. lol


            She is getting more stubborn as the days go by, and toddler tantrums are a common occurrence. Though she is a generally happy kid so I am thankful for that. She loves to be outside, no matter the weather. Adores dogs and her stuffed animals. Is a mama’s girl through and through. She is extremely independent so long as mom is within easy reach.

a girl toddler surrounded my all her stuffed animals in her room.
a girl toddler smiling under a DIY climbing structure in a living room


            Our must haves right now are our Ikea hack learning tower. We used this Ikea stool ( and this tutorial from HappyGreyLucky for the hack (, our DIY Pickler triangle, that I honestly dont know what tutorial he followed to build it. I mostly just sanded.

First stories slide books are her absolute favorite. We stumbled upon them before she was even born and I have no intentions of stopping find new ones! They are chunky slide boardbooks and are holding up really well. Her Melissa and Doug hide and seek magnet puzzle (, CamelBak eddy cups( and her lovies of course.


            Watching her learn that she can communicate with us via words or signs. Her face lights up when we understand what she was telling us! Also baby giggles. Also hugs complete with pats on the back.


           I am pretty thankful for nothing truly terrible over the last few months. We had a couple of colds, a few bruises, and some tantrums but honestly it’s going alright these days!


It is crazy to me how sudden she is with a lot of her skills. I don’t see her “practice” just suddenly one day she’s doing it. From the first time she pulled up to standing to her first steps to climbing stairs. No warm up just boom and there we are. I’m sure that things arent going to slow day with her any time soon. Were your toddlers like this? Or did they take their time and slowing get more confidant?


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