Pregnancy Checklist for Baby Number Two

My 2nd Pregnancy checklist makes sure that we get stuff done before the chaos of two littles in the house

Let’s be realistic your 2nd pregnancy checklist is way less detailed than the first time around. Likely you still own most of the baby essentials and you honestly just don’t have the free time to obsess over this pregnancy because you are running around after a small child already.

I am a sucker for a checklist and I like to divide and conquer. So by strategic procrastination, I am really being realistic and only tackling a few things at a time, but still making sure that the things I wanted to get done are still getting done!

I will split my 2nd pregnancy checklist up based on trimester and then by month and you can divvy them according to your personal needs. Or if you want the easy life you can just download my checklist and work strait from it!

Download my free 2nd pregnancy checklist here

MY 2nd Pregnancy checklist is split up by the month that way I have less to focus on at a time and can hopefully stay on top of the things that really need to get done!

First Trimester

I don’t put any todo’s in this trimester mostly because there isn’t much you have to do other than start to take a prenatal if your not.

Second Trimester

This is the trimester that I focus on big projects that I have either been putting off or know that if I don’t do them now they may never get done.

For example, I print a yearly photo book for our family. I had only started 2017 and hadn’t even touched 2018 so I really want to get caught up before Bean gets here because I know I will only fall more behind. Another example. I want to repaint our dining room table, not necessary but something that I know if I don’t do it soon it likely won’t get done.

Third Trimester

I spend this trimester thinking ahead and preparing for the madness. I make appointments I won’t have time for later like dental and vision as well as Bitty and Hollie appointments if we can! This is also when I stock up on freezer food and nonperishables like paper towels because I don’t want to go to the store later. I also try to focus on self-care because again I won’t really have time for it later…

Keeping my 2nd Pregnancy Checklist simple

When I was pregnant with Bitty I had a crazy detailed list. Mostly because there was a lot of things people told me I needed to do. I didn’t do half of them. but the idea of making a list and splitting up the tasks based on urgency and how able I was going to be with a growing belly really helped me stay on top of things!

For my 2nd pregnancy checklist, I went much simpler because well I don’t feel the need to repeat childbirth class or relearn about breastfeeding. I also shaved a bunch of the “learn about this or that” things off the list because if I didn’t really need them last time I’m betting I won’t this time and if I do I’ll let it happen naturally.

for my 2nd Pregnancy checklist I kept things simpler, because well I have a toddler to run around after and honestly there is less to do the second time around.

What’s on your Pregnancy Checklist?

What are the biggest things on your pregnancy checklist? Whether it be your first or your 5th I’m sure you’ve got something you wanna get done! Let me know down below what your must-dos are! I want to get the family yearbooks caught up, and we have to move the nursery but those are my only must-dos. That and freezer meal prep. That stuff is a godsend in those early weeks!!!

If you want to follow along with Bean and I make sure and follow my Instagram where I will be posting more bumpdates now that the bump is showing!

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