25+ Big Sister Books to Welcome a New Baby to the Family!

Books are quite possibly my favorite resource for teaching kids about the world around them and welcoming a new baby to the family is no different! We have found a bunch of big sister books that cover everything from pregnancy to what it’s going to be like to have a tiny baby in the house to what becoming a big sister will actually look like.

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We are Due with our third baby in March of 2023 and even though Bitty (5.5) has been through this transition before she has many more questions this time around and this is Bean’s (3) first time welcoming a new baby to the family so I thought a few big sister books were in order to help talk about the transitions that are quicking coming up for us all!


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Big Sibling Books

These are all great reads for detailing life with a new baby or what being a big sibling is really like! These would easily work for a new big sister or big brother and cover lots of the basics that they need to know and the things that make it a special time for them too!

Big Sister Books

Lots of kids can relate to a story more when they can see themselves on the pages so I made sure to find some specifically big sister books. There are plenty of good big brother books out there I’m sure I just don’t have any experience with those!

New Baby Books

One thing my girls have struggled a little with is thinking the new baby is going to be ready to play and learn right away so I wanted to make sure they understood what having a tiny newborn in the house was actually going to be like.

Pregnancy Books

For the more curious-minded child, these are great resources for teaching “how” a pregnancy works and more about the development of the baby over the nine months

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We are making a point to read some of our big sister books every day to help answer any questions and set up expectations as best we can before life gets all that much more chaotic. I can tell my girls are getting excited to meet the new baby and take on their roles as big sisters.

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