Over 40 Travel Toys to Save your Sanity on a Road Trip

Travel toys save my sanity in the car. We make a fairly regular 6-hour drive to visit grandparents and we’ve been doing that for 4+ years now. So I have tried a number of different travel toys to entertain toddlers, preschoolers, and now a kindergartener. 

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Some of our favorite travel toys have been in the airport, but most are selected with hours-long road trips in mind. That’s not to say that these travel toys wouldn’t also be great for a plane trip, just that I don’t have as much experience there!

Road Trip Car Tips for Travel Toys

We keep a few simple travel toys in the backseat all the time and then we do a toy rotation right before any big trip. My preferred storage for travel toys is a back-of-the-seat organizer and I like to keep smaller toys and sets of items in these zipper pouches. In addition to those items for organization, I also keep cookie sheets in the car. That may seem like an odd inclusion but hear me out. They serve as a lap desk for play, they have edges to keep things from rolling off, they are easily washable for things like slime and playdough and as a bonus feature, they are metal, thus great for magnetic play!

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Art & Sensory

Any of these sensory doughs are good on their own but are even better with some figures to play with. Toob animals, bluey figures, little people; anything your kids are interested in is a safe bet!

Activity Books




a pin image that reads +40 travel toys for hours of entertainment with an image of two back of the seat car organizers filled with various kids travel toys

Travel Toys Grow and Change with Your Family

I stand by the travel toys that I have listed above both of my girls have loved and still play with them regularly!

Depending on your kid’s personal preference and your family’s preference (can you tolerate a talking toy in the back seat for hours on end?) you will find some travel toys that you love and use for years and some that you love for a while and then you outgrow them. Both types of travel toys have their merits and when it comes to a road trip and keeping everyone sane in the car I say use whatever works!

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