6-9 Month Milestones and Baby Bean Update

Everyone always says the newborn days are the best. I might beg to differ. The 6-9 month milestones are just SO much fun!

Check out the Life and Growth of Baby Bean and the 6-9 Month Milestones that we hit.

Don’t get me wrong, I ask on a near-daily basis “where my tiny baby went”…but I am also constantly cooing at how cute she is now and laughing at the funny things she did and cheering her on when she learns something new. 

The Life and Growth of Baby Bean

Eating habits, Sleeping habits and developmental growth are all part of our 6-9 month milestones, and baby update

This one is more for me than for you and I totally get that. BUT if you like pictures of happy babies then stick around! 😉

If your new to Baby Bean’s story you can easily catch up with our 0-3 and 3-6 updates

Check out the Life and Growth of Baby Bean and the 0-3 Month Milestones that we hit.
Check out the Life and Growth of Baby Bean and the 3-6 Month Milestones that we hit.

Bean has settled into quite the little routine these days and you wont hear this mama complaining!

a block schedule for my 9-month-old baby

6-9 Month Milestones – Growth

At 9 months old we are still in the 6-9 month clothes and I don’t see us switching for a bit still. 

At 6 months

-Bean is super good at sitting and is SO ready for some Baby Led Weaning action now!

-She’s not terribly motivated to crawl but she is managing to scoot around on her tummy some

– I was putting away laundry and turned around to see her up on her knees in the crib so I guess that’s a thing now and its time to lower the crib.

a baby girl sitting in a crib with a letterboard that says 6 months

At 7 months

– She has officially started crawling, I lived in denial as long as I could, but its happening.

-Pulling to standing in the crib, I actually witnessed this happening the first time…I put her down to take her 7 month pictures(late as per usual) and she just stood up.

-Now that Bean is pulling to stand I moved the Pikler back upstairs and well…she starting climbing it.

a baby girl standing in a crib with a letterboard that says 7 months

At 8 months

-Pulls to stand on anything and everything. Starting to cruise along some furniture and sometimes along just the wall.

-She is SO fast crawling around the house and offically gets into everything. Dog water, house plants, Bitty’s toys nothing is safe…lol

-She discovered the stairs and didn’t even blink before she starting to try to climb the steps

a baby girl standing in a crib with a letterboard that says 8 months

At 9 months

-She is cruising along all the furniture and easily transfers from one thing to the next.

-We find her just standing around. Not holding on to anything. she is too stable for her own good in my opinion, but that’s just a mama who doesn’t want her baby growing so fast!

-She will walk for a few steps if you hold her hands and is even “thinking” about her first independent steps…(I say in utter defeat as I don’t really NEED another early walker…)

a baby girl standing in a crib with a letterboard that says 9 months

Bean Loves – 6-9 Month Must Haves

6-9 baby must-haves for eat, play and sleep

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Tissue Box – ours is from Lovevery but you could super easily DIY with a wooden tissue box and some scarves or what we did here with some fabric scraps if you wanted!

a baby pulling handkerchiefs out of a tissue box

Spinning Drum – we have the Lovevery one but I linked a similar one you can buy individually! 

Swinging  – We jumped strait to a bucket seat and she has had no problems!

happy baby girl dressed in yellow sitting in a green swing

Bibs Pacifiers – these are spendy…we have been making do with 2 of them because of it. But something about these she just holds on to better/doesn’t knock them out of her mouth as easily…

Teethers – we are not picky. Silicone straws, Fisher Price taco tuesday toys, and zoli bunny all get lots of action

Pikler Triangle – So great for pulling to stand and then cruising along and now she’s climbing it…

a baby with one foot up on a Pikler triangle (a wooden climbing toy shaped like a ladder folded in half)

Hide and Squeak Eggs – I don’t know what it is about these eggs, but she loves scattering them everywhere and then clacking the pieces together.

Books – she is starting to get more interested in books these days Peek a Who and That’s not my Elephant are her favorites. We are JUST getting into lift the flap board books like the Little Red Barn books

Waterbottles – Shes needs to be a part of Waterbottles anonymous. Any water bottle she can get her hands on she’s “drinking” from. We like the kids Eddy Camelbak and weighted straw cups

a baby drinking from a straw sippy cup and dribbling water all over the table

Mom Loves

Keekaroo Highchair – I love the concept behind this chair! It will grow with her for years to come and prevent the problem that we are having with bitty right now where she’s getting too tall for her booster but too short for normal chairs. The Keekaroo is also easy to clean and looks nice and slides right up to the table! All things that make it a must-have in my books!

a baby and wooden highchair, both completely smeared in yogurt

Silicone Bibs

Zip Up Sleep Sacks

Evenflo wagon – when we found out we were pregnant we knew we didn’t want a double stroller for a lot of reasons, but we LOVED the idea of a stroller wagon when the baby got old enough to sit on her own. What can I say other than I love this thing!

a baby sitting in a brand new stroller wagon

If you have any questions about these products please leave them down below or message me on Instagram I would be happy to give you more details!

6-9 Month Milestones – Sleeping

a close up of a baby girl fast sleep in her crib

Right before she turned 9 months we had a major milestone and no it wasn’t sleeping through the night. 

Bean moved out of our room and into her shared room with Bitty! 

So far the transition has gone super! Bean seems totally unphased about the whole process and Bitty is handling the disruptions really well.

Nights with Bean are unpredictable. We will have a god night where it is up 2 or three times in the night and goes right back down. Then we will randomly have a bad night where she is up every 45 mins and restless or fighting it all night long…

At around 7.5 months we hit what I can only describe as the 8 months sleep regression. Bean has never been a GREAT sleeper but wow it’s been ROUGH. Some nights she is only content in our arms. The snuggles are great but oh man it makes for some long nights.

a close up of a baby with a pacifier asleep in a crib

The silver lining it all of these is that at least she takes good naps. So I don’t get more sleep at night BUT I am not dealing with a tired cranky baby during the day. 

Bean naps every morning at 10 to 11:30 and then every afternoon from 2:30-4/4:30

6-9 Month Milestones – Personality

baby girl in a dress sitting in the grass surrounded my fall leaves

Babbling and smiling all the time

She gives head butts instead of kisses

Makes the strangest wheezy rasping squeal…

At 9 months she has learned how to sign “All Done” and “More” She doesn’t really do them with out prompting but she will give the appropriate sign for what she wants

6-9 Month Milestones – Eating

We started Baby Led Weaning right away at 6 months as she had already hit all the markers as ready for solid foods!

baby with bright blue eyes and a face covered in chili

Her pincer grasp was surprisingly good really fast, so BLW was off to a great start for her! 

Her favorite foods would be noodles, corn, edamame, bananas, watermelon, and cheerios.

Her least favorite foods would be greek yogurt and most meat

At around 8 months she can confidently get water out of her straw cup…now we just need to learn how to swallow the water…

baby chowing down on a banana

6-9 Month Milestones – Firsts

First Foods – Watermelon was the very first and to be honest beyond that I dont remember she just started eating everything we offered! 

a naked blue eyed baby eating a large slice of watermelon

First Word – We thought her first word was mama and I was thrilled…then we figured out it was really “Om Nom Nom” so safe to say she loves to eat…

First Tooth – at around 7 months she cut her first tooth, to be almost instantly followed by her second tooth

First Halloween – I only have a few years of being allowed to force the kids to coordinate for Halloween so when Bitty decided to be a Flamingo I knew Bean was going to be a bird as well. I settled on Peacock. I have a rule that until you are old enough to deal with the cumbersome/uncomfortable costumes your costume has to be made up of basically normal clothes.

a baby dressed up like a homemade peacock costume for Halloween, sitting in the fall sunshine surrounded by leaves.

So Bean’s costume was just a blue bodysuit and yellow socks, with a tutu that I added felt feathers onto and a headband with some pipe cleaners. All in all, I was SUPER pleased with the outfit, and both my little birds were adorable!

6-9 Months of Beanie Baby

Life with a baby goes by too fast for its own good. I take the time to document a little bit about baby Bean as often as I can (mostly via pictures) then I compile it all here every quarter! See What 6-9 month milestones we hit this quarter!

I think you forget how much fun this stage is, between the sleepless nights and the chaos of a now mobile baby your exhausted and probably drawing in laundry from all the new stains…but through it all, I still think that these months might be my favorite. Sure those newborn snuggles are to die for but there’s something about watching them get more confident with every day and discovering something new they can do now that just can’t be beaten!

If you want to keep more up to date on Baby Bean’s growth make sure and follow me on Instagram where I post baby pictures more frequently!

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