Toddler Toy Shelf : Toy Rotation for July

When I do our rotations and we have a fresh toddler toy shelf it always refreshes the space and that’s just what we needed after last week!

Toddler Toy Self : Free play toy rotation for July title card

I strive to be honest and real in everything I post. Our last toy rotation was a bit of a flop. He played with most of it sparingly and some of it she never touched. I honestly can’t tell you why she ignored it so much. So I really wanted this weeks rotation to have some beloved toys in it so that it might entice her to play with her toys a bit more.

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Living Room Toddler Toy Shelf

I adore having her play space in our main living space. By having her toy shelf where we spend the majority of the day she is more likely to play without me having to drag toys ALL over the house. (Don’t get me wrong there are toys all over this house but that is her doing not mine! Lol)

Activity Tables

In the smaller table, I have her new to us construction peg puzzle. I feel like this might be a little out of her skills yet but we are doing construction in Tot school this week so it was too perfect to pass up. Also, who knows maybe she will surprise me and take right to it!

a wooden construction themed peg puzzle on a small table with a baby balance bike under it

Under that is her baby bike, which has been getting quite a lot of action these days! She even started taking a liking to her Strider outside so we are doing lots of bike riding now.

a mailbox and felt mail play set on a play table

On her bigger table, I have a little mail invitation to play set up. Just a target dollar spot felt mail kit and an old mailbox left over from our wedding! That thing has been hanging out for five years now and it finally got another job! Lol

Animals and Stacker on the Toddler Toy Shelf

If you follow me on Instagram (and you totally should ;)) I posted the other day about FINALLY finishing painting all our homemade stackers! I celebrated by putting the last one out on her toy shelf this week.

a red to yellow gradient on my homemade house stacker

This house stacker was the one that I couldn’t settle on the colors for the longest time and now that it’s painted I LOVE the outcome.

our house stacker and play animals on a wooden tray

In addition to the house stacker, I pulled all her dogs and cat figures out. We have a Bernese mountain dog and pup, a golden retriever and pup, a Newfoundland and a tabby cat. ( I feel like we need another cat in this setup. It’s feeling very weighted towards the puppers!)

Close up of her animals in front of our homemade house stacker

Deep Dive into our Toddler Toy Shelf

Free play toy rotation for July title card
  • The construction trucks I pulled from our sensory bin to have on the play shelf this week. She has been obsessed with workers and big trucks so this should be a hit
  • Our plastic Infantino animals are one of her less favorites but it has been forever since we had them out so I thought we would try them again.
  • The basket of dance scarves is never ignored. Anytime we turn on music she runs over grabs a handful and doles them out to anyone in the room.
  • Our collection of DIY wooden purple loose parts has no invitation for her this week just the tray of parts and we will see what she does.

I also have her vintage cash register, which she likes to load her loose parts into.

her red and silver vintage metal cash register

Her ball drop has been one of her favorite toys for a very long time now so I am sure this will get good play time.

her rainbow ball drop

The Big Baskets

I finally got around to rotating her blocks this week. We put away the megablocks and pulled out the vintage fisher price wooden blocks. She is JUST starting to get into stacking so I hope that these get some play time its been a long time!

a top down view of her large baskets that hold her blocks and her babydolls on her toddler toy shelf

We also have our tried and true basket of baby dolls and blankets. This basket is rummaged in at least every day and most day, two or three times.

Toddler Toy Shelf Rotations

I always share my toy rotations in more real time on my Instagram if you want to know what we are doing sooner!  I share lots of great behind the scenes and real-life updates over there!

Toddler Toy Self : Free play toy rotation for July title card showing the bookshelves where the toys are displayed

If you are noticing that your toddler isn’t touching their toys I strongly suggest you try toy rotations! What kinds of questions do you have about toy rotations? I would love to help you get started if you haven’t yet!

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