Preschool Space Unit Study that’s Perfect for the Little Astronaut in your Life!

What homeschool preschool space unit study would be complete without rockets, moon phases, and the solar system! We did lots of counting, fine motor work, and sensorial exploration!

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Our preschool space unit study focuses mostly on astronauts and rockets and the international space station because that’s what Bitty finds interesting.

What part of space does your preschooler find super interesting?!

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Books are our biggest learning tool for our preschool space unit study

You can find all of the awesome space books that we used for our homeschool preschool space unit study that we used in this post!  There were so many I just couldn’t put everything in one post

a pin image that reads space books for homeschool preschool over an image of a bunch of space themed books

Planning Homeschool Preschool Work Shelves 

a look at our homeschool preschool work shelves with lots of space themed works on the shelf

When I’m planning a unit study, I tend to plan about 10-12 activities to have on our work shelf and I try to have two of each of five major categories. This lesson plan will last us 2-3 weeks of “school” time.

Language– this could be things like working with a movable alphabet or introducing new vocabulary with three-part cards or phonics games

Numbers – this could be working with our colored beads, our red and blue rods, bead hangers or math link cubes

Sensorial – this is where you’ll see a lot of the traditional Montessori sensorial materials, things like the brown stair and the pink tower, knobbed cylinders, and knobless cylinders, but we’ll also have things that will work on differentiating size or weight.

Fine motor – this is where you’ll see things like beating lacing, sewing, cutting, and tracing

Other – this category sort of acts as an overflow for game schooling (bingo and memory), puzzles, and sorting activities. Really this is just where I plug in a couple more activities that I really want to add to the shelf even if they overlap with other categories.

Depending on how in-depth and how interested your little learner is could dictate if you need a rotation with further work on the topic

Bitty was still interested in Space after the initial lessons so I rotated most of the materials on our work shelf and we carried on with Space part 2.


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Preschool Space Unit 1 Works

Before I started planning our Homeschool Preschool Space Unit Study I asked Bitty what she was most interested in learning more about. Her answer was astronauts, rockets, and the ISS so that was a major focus for us! …but I couldn’t do a preschool Space unit and not talk about the planets and the moon, so I added those in as well!

a graphic that details all the different works, lessons, crafts and activities for our homeschool preschool space unit

Language Works

Planet 3 part cards and small model planets 

all about planets graphic with an image of planet 3 part cards, planet figures, a blank book and infographics

We used them for matching activities as well as proper Montessori three-part lessons

My book of Space

Each day we focused on a singular planet and sort of narrowed down the three or four most notable things about it. We then created a page in a blank book for her to be able to “read” after

Number Works

DIY zero board w/rocket counters

a wooden board that has been carved to have a bunch of circles in it, all those circles have little rocket erasers sitting in them

This board helps reinforce the concept that zero means nothing and each other number gets bigger 

DIY mini Red and Blue Rods w/ 10s frame Number cards

small wooden rods with red and blue dot stickers in a alternating pattern that represent the numbers 1-10 with flashcards for the numbers 1-10

Another work to show that each number gets bigger and has a greater value than the previous

Sensorial Works

Binomial Cube

a wooden 3D puzzle with various cubes and rectangular prisms

This is a 3D puzzle that in a very roundabout way teaches early algebra but for preschoolers it’s purely a 3D puzzle

Asteroid Weights – DIY

tinfoil "asteroids" in a wooden bowl with a info card

I scoured the house for a variety of objects of varying weights and then wrapped them in tin foil to create pairs that she would then have to try and match

Brown Stair

a set of wooden blocks that are painted brown that goes from a 1cm rectangular prism to a ten-centimeter rectangular prism

A classic Montessori sensorial material that goes from a 1cm rectangular prism to a ten-centimeter rectangular prism

Fine Motor Works

Constellation tacks and bands

a cork square with blue paper printout of constellations, with blue pushpins and blue rubber bands laying on the floor

I’ve tried many times to get Bitty interested in pin poking. It has never taken with her. So this was another way where she would not have to pin poke around an entire shape She would just poke at each of the star points and then stretch a rubber band from point to point to create the constellation

DIY insets and highlighters

a large sketchbook and a tray with mdf stencils of basic shapes and a set of neon highlighters in the middle of the tray

This is probably Bitty’s favorite work, simple geometric stencils to trace. You can mix and match them to make more complex drawings as well

Other Works

DIY felt phases of the moon puzzle w/ flash cards and poster

felt moon phases puzzle with DIY moon phases on a black felt background as well as a poster and flash cards showing the phases

She set up the felt puzzle and use the poster to check her work or we used the cards to match the felt moons to

Space Station Stew Counting Recipe

space station stew with a wooden tray with compartments filled with different space themed loose parts like stars, sparkly asteroids, and astronaut toys. A black cast iron pot and yellow tongs sit near by

Using a bunch of space-themed loose parts and some tongs to transfer into a pot. We have DIY recipe cards to tell her how many of each to add

Homeschool Space Unit Works 2.0

After about three weeks with the previous materials set out for our preschool space unit study, I could tell she was ready for a little refresh so while some of the language work and sensorial materials stayed I rotated everything else and set up Preschool Space Unit 2.0

a graphic that details all the different works, lessons, crafts and activities for our homeschool preschool space unit

Language Works

Planet 3 part cards and small model planets

My book of Space

Moveable alphabet w/ space words

a set of wooden letters painted in red and blue in a wooden compartmentalized tray with simple space word cards near by

Classic Montessori materials for letter recognition and writing

Number Works

Mission Control Number Sense

a printable mission control panel with mission number cards and a black dry erase marker nearby

A printable way to practice the different ways we write numbers

Bead Hanger frame 1-10

a wooden stand with the numbers 1-10 on top with hooks for hanging the Montessori math beads on. A wooden bowl with number tiles and a set of the Montessori math beads sit at the base

A DIY of a classic Montessori material where you match the colored beads to the correct location 

Sensorial Works

Knobless Cylinders

a set of the montessori knobless cylinders in yellow, green, red and blue stored together in a basket

A classic Montessori material that works on the  gradation in size and/or width of sets of cylinders

DIY Color tablet box 3 with outerspace cards

a set of tiles showing the gradient of shades from dark to light in 9 different colors and a set of space cards to use for inspiration

Our version of a classic Montessori material, used to teach visual discrimination of shades of colors

Fine Motor Works

DIY wooden bead planet threading

a string of wooden beads painted to represent the planets lays on a dark tray with a little box holding another set of beads to be strung on the pipe cleaner on the tray

I painted two sets of wooden beads to reflect the planets. The first set I pretty strong to show her the correct order. In the second set, she copied the pattern.

Moon Cutting Strips

a strip of images of the moon lay in a white tray with a pair of scissors nearby as well as a smaller box for collecting the paper scraps

A printable  Montessori material to work on scissor skills

Mood Dust Writing Tray

a metal pan with a layer of sugar and a wooden stylus in it and a basket of letter flash cards nearby

Armand dust is actually just sugar and I provided a stylus and some letter cards for practice writing letters

Other Works

DIY oversized Felt Space Puzzle

a set of diy felt planets surrounding a wooden tray that holds the felt sun

An oversized puzzle to try and illustrate some of the scale of the solar system  as well as to work on the order of the planets

Nesting Boxes

a set of cardboard nesting boxes that have a space theme all spilling out of the largest box

Nesting boxes are actually a great tool to teach the concept of place in the universe.  The smallest box is the self and from there you step out each time so home, city, state, country etc etc.  Betty actually found this lesson very interesting and repeated it many times.

Planet Patterns 

a wooden dowel with a green and a blue large wooden beads on it and a basket of other colors of wooden beads nearby

Some round or oval Beads and a dowel. This was a more open-ended activity that I wanted to see what she would do with most often she created patterns or color sorted

Homeschool Space Unit Tot School Work

A few of the activities that I put out on the shelf are very geared towards my 18-month-old, in case we are working at the shelves when she is awake. In total transparency, we aren’t often over here in the mornings so these activities have been mostly ignored by Bean, but Bitty will occasionally go to them and that’s fine. 

Pouring Planets 

two small metal cups sitting on a dark tray. One cup is filled with marbles

marbles to transfer between small jars this is a practical life and fine motor skill to pour the marbles and try to keep them from scattering all over

Posting Stars 

a wooden coin box and a small basket of glow in the dark stars for posting into the box

coin box with stars to post, this works fine. Motor skills to get the stars in the right orientation to fit through the slot

Astroid Trasfering w/star tray

a basket with a blue star shaped ice cube mold, a red set of tongs and a small box of silver glittery balls for transfering

Some little silver sparkly foam balls and some tongs to transfer from their container. This works fine motor and also one-to-one correspondence which is an early math skill

a pin image that reads outerspace homeschool Montessori inspired outer space preschool unit study for fun and learning at home with an image our our homeschool preschool space work shelves

Homeschool Preschool Space Crafts and Sensory Play

I will admit a fail on this part here. I had great intentions of using our art projects as another way to sort of reinforce what we were learning in our preschool space unit…Life got in the way. Halloween got in the way. She chose Halloween activities and because of that we did very few space crafts and I’m sad because I found some really cool projects that I think would have been a lot of fun!

I’m going to share where I found the original ideas down below,  I just wish that I could share more of our version of these projects! Know that chances are you won’t have time to do them all, unless you have an art-obsessed preschooler. Pick and choose which ones suit your family and your time best!

Preschool Space Unit Craft Ideas

Preschool Space Unit Sensory Play

space playdough tray with lose parts like moon gems, rocket mini erasers, glow in the dark stars and more as well as some play dough tools in a wooden tray with various compartments
space sensorybin with black beans as the filler some glittery silver asteroids, glow in the dark stars and planets. In the center is a rocket made of tin cans and magnatiles

Need more ideas for a preschool Space Unit Study?!?

Then you should definitely check out my Homeschool Space Unit Pinterest Board!!! It’s full of these ideas and so many more others that we just didn’t have time for!

a pin image that reads Montessori inspired preschool space study with an image of our homeschool preschool space unit work shelves

Our Homeschool Space Unit was an Out of this World Success!

You’ll have to excuse the pun, but we spent probably six weeks on our preschool space unit and by the end of it she wasn’t bored! She was still interested. She still wanted to learn more!

We just reached the end of my capability to teach more. lol

I Hadn’t prepared more than two lesson plans for our space unit… Not to mention that we were starting to get into some topics that I just could not figure out how to present to a preschooler. 

So I’m sure we will revisit space again probably over the summer.

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