Ultimate Homeschool Supplies List for Preschoolers

As I was getting ready to start our homeschool journey last year I was glad that we had a fairly robust collection of preschool and homeschool supplies already in our closet, but it got me wondering…what are we missing?!!

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Over the course of our first year of homeschool preschool, I found a few gems I adore and a few homeschooling supplies that we couldn’t live without. So to save you all the time to score the internet for ideas I listed them ALL here plus some new discoveries that I am excited to try out!

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These basic homeschool supplies sort of feel like the bread and butter of homeschooling. Could you get by without some of these, Yes definitely. Will it most likely make your life a little easier to include these homeschooling supplies Yes.

  • Dry erase pockets – these are so worth it, you can use them with dry erase markers for resue or as a quick way to make a printout more durable without laminating
  • Whiteboard and markers – I prefer the fine tip, but kids might do better with the chisel
  • Ticonderoga Pencils – we grabed the chunky ones to start with but I hear great things about the golf pencils as a way to help teach pencil grip!
  • Pencil gripsThis one honestly depends on how much pencil work your preschooler will be doing, you could also add them to markers or paintbrushes
  • Electic pencil sharpener – You’ll thank yourself.
  • Pink pearl erasersagain these are really only needed if you’re going to be doing a lot of pencil work but still worth having in your homeschool supplies I think

Flash Cards can be perfect to add to your homeschool supplies…if you know how to use them!
  • Flash CardsI don’t recommend using these indeed traditional sense of like memorizing what’s on this last card but sometimes it’s nice to have a little card with a visual representation of a letter a number a shape a color a simple word you can probably print these but I found that investing in a quality set was worth the money
  • 3 part Cards – Essentailly the same concept as flash cards with with a much more focused topic, and that topic can be everything from different herbs to construction vehicles to animals of the amazon rain forest. The internet is FULL of examples and many of them for FREE! I do recommend some kind of tray for holding all the parts.


As you take on a teacher role you will find there are a few homeschool supplies that you can’t live without. 

  • Planner– I am still working on figuring out exactly how I want to plan and document everything. This year I will be usng my happy planner but if you have a system that you LOVE leave a comment down below!


Whether or not you have an actual homeschool room or not there are a few other homeschool supplies that you are likely to want available to you


Your homeschool supplies are not complete without so many books! Non-fiction, fiction, poetry, board books, chapter books. Doesn’t matter, the more they hear the more they absorb. The more interactive the book, the better though! Make use of your local Library for sure but there are a few books that will serve you well to have them at your disposal!

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Your preschooler will likely spend most of their year figuring out what letters sound like and learning the letter symbol It is possible you’ll move into early reading but don’t pressure them and it let happen with natural curiosity.

Montessori Language Materials

When teaching language and letters with a Montessori perspective, you focus on phonics first and foremost. So your language homeschool supplies will be few but well used!


While teaching your preschooler early math you need to think hands-on they need a physical representation of all of the concepts you’re teaching with your homeschool supplies

Montessori math materials

Your Homeschool Supplies Should have SO Many Manipulatives!!!

Give your preschool more to count on than their figures and toes. Young kids NEED that physical representation and bonus points they tend to like tiny things! Anything can work, M&Ms, pinecones from outback, barbie shoes. You name it, so long as they can count, sort, and manipulate it can serve the purpose!


When it comes to science and sensory your preschooler is naturally curious about the world! Let them explore, read nonfiction books, watch documentaries and how its made videos, do kitchen science experiments. Ask how and why about as many different things as you can!

Montessori specific sensorial materials

Montessori-specific sensorial homeschool supplies you could consider adding would be the pink tower, the brown stair, and the knobbed cylinders, these would be considered an investment. They are not cheap but there is a lot that can be learned through them. 

Tools and Fidgets

Great for building fine motor and keeping little hands busy while still playing and learning


First and foremost the one homeschool supply that you will need obscene amounts of. Paper. SO much paper. Save and reuse as much as you can and never turn away free paper if offered to you!

Bonus Craft Supplies

These homeschool supplies are less used or less necessary but well love in our house. If you already have all the arts and crafts supplies mentioned above look at adding some of these items


Don’t forget that preschoolers were made to MOVE, get them moving as often as possible and in the best case scenario get them moving in new and challenging ways that have them learning more about their bodies!


Learning through play is one of the best parts of homeschool and we plan on adding tons of games as the kids get older, but in the meantime, we have a few fast favorites that are super easy for preschoolers to play!

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Depending on your family situation, what curriculum you are following, and what your homeschool style is like your preschool homeschool supplies will be vastly different! This list was created to spark ideas and by NO means do you need all of this! I just started brainstorming and sharing a few of our personal favorites to help out other mamas that feel like adding a new thing or two to their homeschool space!

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