My Simple Homeschool Preschool Lesson Plan Template

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I created my homeschool preschool lesson plan to help me make sure we cover all of our bases, make time for lots of different fun activities, and most importantly to make planning for each week easier on me!

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How I figure out what we should be doing! 

When I sit down to plan homeschool activities, I tend to plan a month at a time because odds are I’m going to come up with more ideas than I want to use on one shelfie and it just saves TIME to do it this way. Then when I update the shelf if something doesn’t feel like the right fit, I make adjustments on the spot.

I find most of my ideas on Pinterest. It is a gold mine of amazing activities, projects, and inspirations. 

It can also be overwhelming. If you want a curated cheat sheet follow me on Pinterest! I will be sharing some of our favorite activities and art projects over there!

I have Montessori homeschool preschool goals…

The other place that I will be heavily referencing this year is the Monster List on Montessori Activities that I received after I took the Child of the Redwoods Homeschool course. I highly suggest it if you are feeling lost and overwhelmed by Montessori homeschooling. Her list covers all the basic lessons of early learning that I will use as a checklist of sorts. I will make a note when Bitty masters something and then use the Monster List for inspiration for new lessons to introduce her to.

When I am ready to introduce a new lesson that I don’t know enough about I always visit the Montessori Primary Guide. It gives great detailed walkthroughs for how to present a lesson!

3 Part Cards – the most infamous Montessori work

We will be doing Unit studies all throughout the year and if you want to know what all I have planned for us you can check out this post where I go over all the unit studies we will be doing!

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One really easy way to work in a unit study is some 3 part cards!  They are all over the internet and cover every topic you can think of.  Sorta like flashcards, but a little more interactive, we will have a set of 3 part cards to work with throughout the unit study. Each Shelfie I will invite her to use the three-part cards in different ways. 

For example one shelfie we will use the three-part cards as intended in a three-part lesson. In the next rotation maybe we would match little figures to the matching card or maybe we would use our three-part cards to do some sorting of some kind. The point is to just continually expose her to these cards, and thus build the vocabulary that is on them.

What Exactly Does My Homeschool Preschool Lesson Plan Look Like?

Each homeschool preschool plan template will have space for me to note our unit study at that moment, what sign language words or phrases we are working on, and what 3 part card activity I want to set up.

I have a small chart where I note any new lessons or one on one work that we need to do. These might be unit study specific, but more often than not they will be language or math.

Then under that, I will have a chart with space to note all the different learning activities for her work shelf as well as a chart for art invitations and the sensory play set-ups.

I am going to walk you through what all I include in a weekly homeschool preschool lesson plan and give some examples of the kind of activities that we do! 

And the BEST news of all?!

I will be including a FREE printable homeschool preschool lesson plan down below so you can get started today figuring out what activities you want to introduce to your preschooler this year!

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Let’s break down my homeschool preschool lesson plan a little further

Every two weeks I will have 12-15 activities for our work shelf. As well as 5 art invitations and five additional activities. These additional activities won’t be kept on our school shelf but they are available to her at all times.

I break every homeschool preschool lesson plan down into five sections, and each section will have two activities.


Phonics and letter recognition are the big ones for us. We will also be doing some pre-reading and prewriting activities.


Anything involving numbers and counting. Most of our activities will involved manipulatives in some way. I hope to frequently use our colored beads this year as we practice counting up to 100!

Fine Motor

These activities can be anything like transferring, geoboard, pattern blocks, and even legos. These are just a few of the examples of fine motor work we will do.


This is where you’ll see quite a lot of the traditional Montessori materials like the pink tower and brown stair, the knobbed cylinders, or the knobless cylinders. Anything that helps develop and strengthen their understanding of your basic senses like sight and touch

Overflow Options 

This category will most weeks likely actually have three works instead of just 2 and these could be anything like matching or sorting. Educational games or puzzles. Specific science or geography lessons or even a practical life work that we need extra practice with. Really anything that I feel we need to work on or that I found a fun idea online and we want to try it out. This is sort of our free for all category.

What Homeschool Preschool Lesson plan would be complete without Arts and Crafts?!

Our homeschool preschool lesson plan when it comes to arts and crafts will actually be refreshed every week, it will include five invitations.

There will always be a painting invitation, 2 “Pinterest projects” and a sticker book or coloring pages. The one thing that I won’t refresh weekly will be our themed art tray, which will get refreshed every two weeks like the shelf.

I personally want to lean more towards open-ended arts and crafts versus projects but I know that Bitty enjoys a good project so we’re trying to find a balance somewhere in between.

Don’t forget about the sensory fun, Preschoolers love it!

For each homeschool preschool lesson plan, I have a Play-Doh invitation, a sensory bin, a baking activity, a messy play, and a water play.

Our sensory activities will get set up, over the course of the first week, one every day or so, but then left for access throughout the remaining week. With the exception of baking. That one is more mom-guided and will change weekly.

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Click right here to download the printable

Download my free blank homeschool preschool lesson plan and you will be one step closer to feeling like you might actually be getting on top of things!

Please Customize my Homeschool Preschool Lesson Plan to Suit your Family!

We don’t currently use any kind of curriculum, but it would be easy enough to plug any curriculum into a slot or two of my homeschool preschool lesson plan, so no matter how you tackle teaching, my homeschool preschool lesson plan can help you stay on top of it all!

If you don’t have the time to rotate a shelf every other week, don’t sweat it! Set up a full shelf of activities when you get the chance and then sit back and observe! Let those activities sit for three or four weeks! Don’t feel pressured to constantly provide NEW activities so long as they are still engaging with something! 

Or maybe you don’t have the space to set out all these activities. Use the lesson plan as a checklist and pick a couple of activities to do each day.

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My Homeschool Preschool lesson plan was created to serve me and my preschooler, your lesson plan should be customized to work for you and your littles! I just hope my homeschool preschool lesson plan offers a jumping-off point for you!

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