January Tot School

Our January Tot school plans will be the first month where I plan to introduce letters. We will also cover do some snow inspired art, play with Arctic animals, talk about emotions, and some driving practice with her toy cars

our January Tot school plans will cover snow & ice, Arctic Animals, Emotions, and Transportation.

How we Tot School

My plans are created for a 2.5-year-old and we are just starting to introduce letters and prewriting activities. I try and keep our day very open and child-led when we can. So I only plan two learning activities a day and all together they maybe take up 20-30 mins of our time. The rest of the day is spent on practical life, free play and activities out of the house.

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January 2020 Tot School Plans

our Snow and Ice tot school plans will cover snowmen, snowflakes and some ice play

MONDAY – I will dye some water and make blue icecubes for her to use in pouring play. We will make some puffy paint in cool wintery colors and free paint

TUESDAY – I will take a creamer bottle and draw a snowman on it, then Bitty will fill it with cotton balls

WEDNESDAY – We will have a letter A coloring sheet that she will finger paint on

THURSDAY – Using my generic number cards we will count out snowflakes to match each number. We will continue to work with scissors cutting on a blue paint chip

FRIDAY – We will be gluing together a snowman from basic shapes. I will set out a tray of loose parts and some floam for her to explore

Letters of the Month : ABC

our Arctic animals tot school plans will cover penguins, and polar bears as well as more fun with snow and ice

MONDAY – using some indoor snowballs I will have her toss them into a basket across the room. I will set out a tray of ice and let her paint on top of the ice as it melts

TUESDAY – using some printouts of triangles of various sizes we will sort small from big

WEDNESDAY – using a letter B coloring page we will add stickers to the inside of the B shape

THURSDAY – I will use small dot stickers to make a dot to dot that she will try and connect the colors and we will end up with a snowflake. I will wrap her arctic animals in rubber bands and she will have to free them

FRIDAY – We will be gluing together a penguin from basic shapes

Download our January Tot School Plans so you can follow along too!

Shape of the Month : Triangle

our january tot school plans will cover emotions, we will spend lots of time talking about how it feels to be happy, sad, and so on.

MONDAY – using some white paper cups decorated like snowmen, I will build a pyramid for her to bowl down with her indoor snowballs. Using our triangle cookie cutters we will stamp triangles onto paper

TUESDAY – using our DIY loose parts clothes pins we will match the colors to a cardboard card.

WEDNESDAY – Using a letter C coloring sheet and an inkpad we will do fingerprints inside the C shape

THURSDAY – I will write out her name on a large piece of paper and then also have all the letters on post-it notes for her to match the letters. using our emotions matching game we will match and talk about how the kids are feeling

FRIDAY – I will set out our felt board and transportation themed pieces. We will use q-tips and glue to create a snowflake

Color of the Month : Blue

Transportation tot school plans have some prewritting, some matching and some gross motor fun as well!

MONDAY – Using some painters tape I will make some lines that she has to follow to transport some blocks.

TUESDAY – We will post some of our DIY loose parts popsicle sticks into a tall container with slots cut in the lid.

WEDNESDAY – We will use tissue paper triangles and a glue stick to glue them down.

THURSDAY – I will draw the long sides of a train track, and she will practice drawing the short cross lines of the track. I will add some small stickers to the top of her matchbox cars and we will have a parking lot with the matching stickers for her to park the cars in.

FRIDAY – we will pain the red, yellow and green circles for a traffic light.

Free Editable Tot School Planner

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Join in on the January tot school fun!

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Just a quick note…I will be VERY pregnant, with of course the possibility that baby Bean could arrive late January. So that said I will be giving myself a pass on tot school. I have the ideas there if we need an activity; but if we dont get around to it well that’s just life!

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