December Free Play Toy Rotation

Our December toy rotation is set up to be fun for independent play as well as some easy invitations to play for us all.

With it getting darker and cold so early in the day we are inside more than I would like so our December toy rotation is set up for her to play independently, but also offers some easy ways for us to play with her.

Free Play Toys at easy access

Along one wall in the living room we have two tall bookshelves. The bottom two shelves are hers for free play.

By limiting the number of toys and having them right at her level she is both able to access everything when the mood strikes her without getting overwhelmed and also put everything away easily.

This method has been working wonders for us, but don’t be fooled she also has her kitchen set up, puzzle table, books, and dollhouse at her access. So the toys you see here are just the smaller toys that we do rotations with.

Our play shelves are a main part of our living room so that her toys are never to far from the action

In the large baskets, we keep her building blocks and her baby dolls.

Play Table Toys

With the crazy of the holiday season, I didn’t put anything other than a puzzle out this week. Honestly, we will be kept so busy I don’t think we will need more than that.

Puzzles and games seem to be her jam right now so this table is played at everyday.

We have been talking about shapes for a few months now, but we still need some practice. This puzzle is a Target dollar spot find and she has been able to do it with assistance so I’m interested to see what she can do on her own.

Gross Motor Toys

Gross motor is definitely a major focus for her and always has been so our Pikler Triangle and balance board are used everyday!

The Pikler triangle is in the middle of the room with the wobble board tucked under.

December Toy Rotation Free Play Toys

Our December Toy Rotation has lots of great imaginative play as well as some color matching, and fine motor practice!

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the green toys bus is sturdy and a good size and also has an open roof for "passengers" to hop in

Green Toys Bus – Honestly her favorite part is putting the dolls in the bus more than driving it. She has never been a car kinda kid.

the hape hammer bench is a 2 in 1 toy and a great addition to any play room

Hape Hammer bench – She loves the xylophone more than the balls for the most part, but she does like the noise the balls make on it when it’s all together

the button art reminds me of a toddlerified light bright and I love it!

Button art – This is a toy that I thought she would love and she seems very interested but just doesn’t have the concentration to finish a picture yet. I plan to sit with her and work on this in the evenings.

Stacking and nesting cups are such a great toy for toddlers to work on size and balance!

Stacking Cups – She spends most of her playtime using these as bowls or cups with her kitchen but I occasionally catch her nesting them. We are going to spend some time stacking them this month as well

What kid doesn't love pulling all the kleenex out of a box?! Using cloth hankies and an old wipes box she can unload it to her hearts content!

Hankies – Bitty inhereitated some vintage hankies from her great grandma and we haven’t had a chance to play with them much yet. So I pulled them out with a old wipes box for her to post and pull them out of

A simple presentation of tools and bolts for her to work on fine motor and get bust fixing everything in the livingroom!

Toolbox & Bolts – I added our shape bolts to our toolset, but I think I need to find some kind of invitation for her cause I haven’t seen much interest so far…

Small World Play

For our December toy rotation I set up a little Arctic small world on her play shelves. Complete with an iceburg, some snow, ice and frigid water!

Arctic Small World – using our DIY felt play mats, homemade iceberg stacker (you can read more about how that came to be here), and some loose parts I created an arctic scene for her Polar bear, Wolf, Puffin, Penguin, and Seals (these I got second hand and have no idea what brand they are)

a top down view of our Acrtic small world using felt play mats, loose parts, wooden stacker, and of course animals
Arctic animals hanging around an ice-burg in our small world set up

What do your Toddler Toy Rotations look like?

Our December toy rotation is sure to get ignored some with all the holiday happenings but I am excited to see what she gravitates towards!

We do our rotations once a month with a little refresh mid-month to trade out anything that just isn’t getting played with. Our December toy rotation will probably stay like this until after the holiday when I am sure she will be getting some new toys that she will want to play with. 😉

This system has been working pretty good for us, but I do need to start brainstorming some late evening play invitations. The last half hour or so before bed can get really tough on us all…What kind of relaxing play do your toddlers do before bed?

You can see more of our toy rotations on Instagram where I have some walk-throughs saved in my stories!

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