Toddler Play Shelfie – April 1st

Another toy rotation in the books! I rotate every two weeks normally; though this was technically a three-week rotation because we were gone for a whole week in the middle for a little “spring break”. This was the first time that I considered leaving the toys for a little longer. As I was watching her play over the weekend she was still interacting well with a few of the items! In the end I did decide to change most of it out but we did have out first repeat toy this time so we’ll see how that goes!

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Activity Table

If you have a keen memory you’ll notice that the activity table is different. I redid her closet storage and pulled this little purple table out of there. I am testing the waters of having this smaller table here and her big table is moved to the corner of the living room for some small world play. I’ll talk about that later on.

activity table

I pulled out her Melissa and Doug chunky farm puzzle this week she has really been improving with these puzzles so I am excited to see how she does with it this go around!

chunky toddler farm puzzle

Hot tip : always present a puzzle pulled apart or with the pieces separate. It gives them incentive to put it all back together!

Play Shelves
an overview of the play shelves in out living room
her shape sorter cube

Her shape sorter cube is still too advanced for her for the most part. She understands the pieces fit in different holes but she doesn’t always understand that you might have to rotate the piece in your hand…

This is still very much a guided toy. She needs help to get more than one piece. She enjoys doing it, but I only ever present it with a few of the pieces. This time I have the top three as well as one other side. I have the rest of the pieces near by in case we are sitting to work on it with her and she seems interested!

title card for 20 month toddler toys

She has finally got the hang of the Hape hammer bench! She still very much likes to play with the pieces separately but I am fine with that I just love that she has started to use the hammer with the balls instead of just pushing them with her hands! Also, I don’t know if it was a fluke or not but I noticed her rearranging the balls so that the colors all matched…hello, color recognition?!

hape musical hammer bench

She has been Rawring anytime she sees a dinosaur when we are out and about so I thought it might be fun to get her dinosaurs out! I want to find some more these ones are thrift store finds and most of them are just small little things!

plastic dinosaurs

She has also been vrooming when she hears a loud car or signing car when she sees one drive by the window so to feed that interest I got out her Melissa and Doug cars

wooden play cars

I felt that with her kitchen behind the couch it’s not getting the love that it used to so I pulled out Learning Resources Market set that we had stashed away from Christmas to see if that helped spark some more cooking play. To be honest, though I did still stash away about half the set. (I swear I’m turning into a squirrel constantly stashing away things for a later date! Lol)

play food

Say hello to our first repeat toy. Over the weekend before rotation, she became very interested in these nesting cups. She would methodically nest them together one cup at a time and if she found one that didn’t fit next she would back up pulling the cups out until it fit and then nesting them all back together. It was one of the first times I have seen her really engrossed in any kind of focused play like that! I didn’t want to take them away incase she was still focused on figuring them out. So I just presented them in a different way so keep them interesting and we’ll see how it goes. I don’t anticipate them making the full two weeks until we rotate again but that’s okay. This is an experiment for us!

rainbow nestling cups
The Big Baskets
basket with baby dolls and blocks

We switched out the wooden blocks for her mega block sets. I honestly think that blocks are just not her preferred method of play. Only wants to play with them when we are building and even then all she wants to do is knock it all down. She never tries to build herself. Got any pointers to encourage building?

Her baby dolls are still a strong favorite so I don’t feel any need to change them up any. I am looking forward to more dramatic play later but for now, these baby dolls work just fine!

Small World
small world magical forest set up

I set up her first real small world this week. While she hasn’t been doing any imaginative play she has enjoyed all the loose parts. From watching the crystals bounce when she drops them to stacking the cone trees, to carrying the rocks around, to taking the unicorn all over the house. I plan on talking more about small worlds later on. Be on the look out for that!

Gross Motor

Her Picker and her wobble board are front and center and used every day in some fashion. I don’t see either of these moving out of rotation any time soon.

Bitty's wobble board and pickler in the living room

I’m testing out the playable over in the corner. I know that I want to get a sensory table situation and I just am not sure where I want it. So this is the trial run for that. Does anyone else feel like they are constantly rearranging their living room to make it work with all the kid’s stuff?! (Or is that just me…lol)

8 Replies to “Toddler Play Shelfie – April 1st”

  1. I love that you rotate toys and give your daughter the space to explore a select number of toys/activities in different sections of the room over a two week period. It must be so awesome seeing her progress with each activity over time! Looks super organised and tidy!!

    1. Thanks, I tried to find a way that merged a playroom and a living room so the space suits everyone that way! The skill-based toys are always fun to see how she has changed from the last time they were out. Limiting the toys has definitely helped with that (and with clean up time!)

  2. Wow I love this! I actually really love the single puzzle set up. I hate hate puzzles because I hate chasing pieces but this would be a great idea. I love how simple your toys look!!

    Also as far as the building my son is 2.5 and still doesn’t really play with mega blocks but he loves building with other things like cereal boxes and the large cardboard Melissa and Doug blocks.

    1. This is the only way I offer puzzles! Random pieces everywhere is the worst! I hadn’t thought about using cereal boxes, great idea! I’m hoping that she gets into the lego duplos or the mega blocks soon, they are one of the things that her daddy was most excited to play with her!

  3. Great post! I’m going to have to try a toy rotation. I find sometimes too much selection overwhelms them and then they don’t want to play with anything.

    1. You should, I love it! It also keeps us more interested in play with her. Right now I pick and choose each thing, as her collection grows I think we are going to have to have preset bins to make the rotations easier to do!

    1. I really enjoy it! It keeps the mess from getting overwhelming, keeps pieces from getting lost…for the most part, and it keeps them more interested in their toys!

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