Black Bean Garden Sensory Bin

The month of May is all about getting outside and watching things grow. Outside isn’t ALWAYS an option. So here is a little garden of “dirt” she can play with inside without a huge mess! The Black Bean Garden Sensory bin is super simple to set up and we had most of the supplies at home already!

a title card for a black bean garden sensory bin showing a toddler pinching a bean

This is a great activity to practice pouring and transferring. Also, the beans are super simple to clean up if there is a spill!

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Introduction to Sensory Bins: What you need to know

You’ve heard about them in parenting groups on Facebook, you’ve looked them up on Pinterest and you just don’t know where to start. No Worries! I am here for you and I will hold your hand through your introduction to sensory bins. You wont regret it I promise!

a collection of tools used in sensory bins, including scoops spoons tongs buckets, bowls, cups and canisters

Sensory bins can be as fancy or simple as you want. In truth all you need is a container, scoops and a filler of some sort.  All the extra things are just that. Extra. The most important part is to have fun and embrace the mess just a little bit.

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