Everything You Could Need for an Awesome Preschooler Easter Basket!

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My Preschooler Easter Basket Ideas cover all kinds of different play to keep your little one busy and having fun without a ton of candy and throw-away trinkets!

More than 40 different ideas for your Preschool Easter Basket!

My Preschooler Easter Basket Ideas cover a few of the different areas you might want to think about when filling your basket and some of these ideas do lean a little traditionally “girl” but it would be easy enough to substitute in other toys or themes that fit your little one!

I am in no way suggesting you NEED all of the items I list below I am merely listing some of our favorites or things that I am considering for our Easter Basket. Hopefully, this sparks some ideas for your own Preschooler!

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We are all itching to get back outdoors after the long winter, and there is something about Preschooler Easter Baskets that just BEG for some fresh chalk and a new jump rope! I also included one Big idea, as I know a lot of people use Easter as a chance to add to their outdoor activities!

  • Jump Rope – these ones are easily adjustable to any height of kid!
  • Chalk
  • Foam Pogo – for those kids that just never stop moving!
  • Water Blasters – good for pool or backyard play
  • Soccer Ball – some preschoolers are finally getting some coordination and could do with a proper ball!
  • Mud Kitchen – a bigger purchase but SO worth it as long as your up for a bit of a mess!


I love Arts and crafts supplies in Preschooler Easter Baskets. It’s a perfect excuse to stock up on some fun supplies that you don’t want to buy all the time and they get used up so it’s not adding TONS more clutter forever!


I don’t know about you but we are attempting to navigate the world post naptime and we need all the help we can get! I knew I wanted to find some new independent play items to put in our Preschooler Easter Basket

  • Polly Pocketa great compact little toy that sparks great pretend play
  • Legosthis would be a bigger present, but we are in need of a new set and are super into Legos right now
  • Monkey Stringfidgety toy that doubles as an art supply
  • Circle Piea great open-ended puzzle, also great for homeschool fraction lessons
  • Flower Stacking Gardenwe got this last Easter and it has been the biggest hit!
  • Snap BeadsWe go this for Christmas and she adores it so much!


A Preschooler Easter Basket is also a great place to replace some seasonally specific clothing items. Or toss in a crown, because why not?!


We are devouring books right now and you won’t hear my complaining. I know that most books don’t fit too well in a traditional Easter Basket but I just couldn’t resist sharing some new titles that we are loving! You can always set them next to the basket or maybe go on an egg AND book hunt!


I wanted to make sure and include some non-toy items in my Preschooler Easter Basket ideas. These items are where you are really going to want to customize your picks to your kid’s preferred colors, characters, and needs.

  • Walletanyone else kid always got a pile of pennies laying around?
  • Headphones
  • BandaidsPlenty of scraped knees coming with the warmer weather so these are always good
  • Waterbottle
  • Lunchboxwe LOVE picnics and i think she would love to be in charge of her own bag
  • Camp chairbetween campfire nights and lake days a chair just the right size is a fun idea!


We are not anti candy and I am sure we will be adding a chocolate bunny and some little egg candies in as well BUT I like to limit that some and finding actual treasures in the eggs is way more fun in my opinion! I always try and think of things we actually want and need not just cheap junk. 

My Preschooler Easter Basket ideas are super focused on independent play this year

At 3.5 Bitty is getting very good at her independent play skills and I am super thankful for that, but now that she is starting to quit naps we are in need of some new distractions for quiet time because I will be totally honest, Mama NEEDS that time.What are your Preschooler Easter Basket must haves? Anything that I am forgetting that you know your kid is going to LOVE!? Share it down below!

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If you want to know what we are putting in my preschooler Easter Basket I am going to share that over on my Instagram soon!

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