Wooden Stacker Toy Patterns – Original Set


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In this pattern, you will find a zip file with 9 wooden stacker toy patterns. All my stacker patterns are split into two images each for ease of printing!

My original set of wooden stacker toys includes a sun, hill, cave, volcano, wave, iceberg, flowers, & barn.  I am also including a brand new FREE rainbow pattern.

All stackers average around 16 inches long and stand between 6 to 12 inches tall.

After download, you will print and then trim the excess paper away. Then line up the overlap between the two halves of the stacker toy patterns and tape them together. Once you have your full-size pattern you will paste or easy-tac the paper to your wood and from there you can start cutting!

Wooden Stacker Toys are an awesome project to start your wooden toy journey or a great addition to your little’s collection!


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