Easter Egg Sensory Bin

title card for our Easter egg sensory bin

This is not Bitty’s first Easter but it is her first Easter that she can really partake in. Kids LOVE Easter eggs. I don’t know if it’s the surprise of what’s inside or the satisfaction of breaking them open or if it’s some magic smell they give off… lol Regardless they are the focus of this sensory bin!

What inside
whats inside our Easter egg sensory bin

This was a SUPER easy bin to put together. Another bonus, it is really easy to clean up! (No tiny little grains or beans to scatter…)

I have three different sizes of plastic eggs; perfect for keeping the fun going as she opens an egg surprise there’s another egg!

close up of the three sizes of eggs we used

I added the yellow pompoms to fit into the smallest eggs and they are great for tong practice.

The little bunny and carrot stickers are super cute. I didn’t have the stickers when we played the first time so that will be fun for her to explore next time! I will probably have to pull the backing off and attach them to some tissue paper or something because this little girl is all about stickers…

tongs, bowl and our bunny stickers

The Easter grass tends to tangle with its self so it stays out of her way for the most part but adds a nice base. She wasn’t a fan of when a strand would stick to her, but hey that is teaching her how to get untangled I suppose! Lol

exploring the easter grass and eggs
Sensory tools

We are still working on introducing tongs skills. She is very interested and loves to have us do them but just can’t run them herself just yet. This week I pulled these wooden tongs because the gap is smaller so I thought that that the pompoms could just sort of sit between the tongs without her having to squeeze. Well they are almost too small so I am going to dig around our toolbox and see if I can find a different option!

We also have these little silver cups that fit a little egg inside and you can balance the bigger eggs on top of.

our silver cups and eggs

I didn’t have the stickers when we played the first time so that will be fun for her to explore next time!

Some wooden bowls; I may pull them out as they are crowding the bin a bit. She is pulling the eggs out of the bin to work with them. Maybe without the bowls in the way she would be encouraged to keep the eggs in the bin!

The classic egg carton directly pulled from the recycling! This never fails to entertain her.

the egg carton, plastic eggs and pompoms
Exploring the Bin

This bin so far has been a real hit! She loves cracking open the eggs. At first, the big eggs were too hard for her to open but as she has played with it she has figured out how to crack them all! She tries to put them back together but that’s a little out of her range and I don’t expect her to get that this year.

learning to crack easter eggs open

She did also try out some stacking, completely unprompted by me so that was awesome! This child has never been interested in stacking so this was really surprising!

stacking the Easter egg halves

title card for Easter egg sensory bin

Have you ever noticed that kids just seem to have an obsession with plastic eggs? There are so many fun ways to play with them. I kept it simple this year but I am excited for more learning activities as she get older!

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  1. I found some cardboard “purses” that we are going to put some bunny stickers and crinkle grass in for decorations when you come to visit.

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