April Tot School

Colors are possibly the easiest theme to plan around and as Bitty still doesn’t know her colors it can’t hurt to make a deliberate choice to expose her to them as much as possible! So while we will have a yellow week you’ll see that yellow bled over the whole month as well.

Lady is soaking up sign language like crazy and I am loving learning along with her! We often add new words whenever a situation comes up, but I think I may make an effort to expose her to a couple of new words a week, in addition to spur of the moment words.

yellow tot school plan

Bunnies are an easy choice with Easter coming up. We will be out of town for a couple of days here so I will obviously not get around to all of this, but here are some ideas!

bunny tot school plan

Easter isn’t a huge deal in our family, but you can be sure that we will dye eggs cause I love me some hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, egg salad…you name it and I’m okay with it!

easter tot school plan

Lady has become fascinated with birds this spring. She learned the sign for bird back in like February and has since added a quack and a caw to her arsenal. I thought we would run with that interest and have a bird week!

bird tot school plan

I am excited to add some new signs this month and to focus a bit more on our color of the month instead of just the week. Do(did) you teach your toddler sign language? What was their favorite word? Ours is currently tied between bird and train I think!

april tot school plans

If you want to try your hand at some Tot School planning I have a free editable template that you can grab here!

4 Replies to “April Tot School”

    1. I love just having some ideas just stashed in my back pocket ready to use when I need fits us more than a rigid plan. There are always days that she just isn’t interested or we would rather play outside and I find that going with the flow makes everyone happier! Check back at the end of April for our May ideas!

    1. I knew that I would lose steam and commitment if I over scheduled us! This way we have a little bit of structure and learning worked into our day with plenty of time left over for play!

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