I’m Megan, I am a first-time mom to a spunky little lady and a stubborn little doggo; and a wife to a computer wizard. Grab a cup of something strong and let’s get a little crafty, a little organized and maybe even a little messy in the process!

Join me as I try and keep my type A brain happy with lists and organization, while I also appease my left-brain creativity. (Can you say color coded in rainbow order?!) All this while I raise my darling daughter and keep the house running. Notice I didn’t say clean…


Fall Loose Parts Sensory Bin

If you follow along with my sensory bins adventures you will remember my Halloween loose parts sensory bin. It was such a hit that I wanted to follow in its footsteps so to say and I created our Fall loose parts sensory bin!

2019 Fall Family Update

I want to start a tradition. Every fall I want to make a family update. Think of it like the letters your grandparents used to send out with their Christmas cards every year. A quick recap of what life has been like and how everyone is doing.

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